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 The Strongbox Blog Thread

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The Strongbox Blog Thread Empty
PostSubject: The Strongbox Blog Thread   The Strongbox Blog Thread Icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2009 6:36 am

Because of the nature of this topic and the direction the thread itself was taking, I have decided to move it to the "Members Only" section of the forum under "Members Only Chit Chat".

I have also unlocked the topic due to the fact that the blogger himself has joined this forum. That way if he feels the need to add to the discussion, defend himself, or whatever, he may do so.

I know many of us have strong opinions, but let's try to curb it a bit and play nice when it comes to talking about other sites and it's members. I don't want it to become a bash fest.

If the thread becomes nasty, I'll lock it again.
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The Strongbox Blog Thread
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