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  A spot of nonsense with nice guy Gerard Butler

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 A spot of nonsense with nice guy Gerard Butler Empty
PostSubject: A spot of nonsense with nice guy Gerard Butler    A spot of nonsense with nice guy Gerard Butler Icon_minitimeSun Jun 15, 2014 5:47 pm

Guess Gerry will be heading to Brazil to take in the World Cup soon.

A spot of nonsense with nice guy Gerard Butler

By Ross King, 15 June 2014 2.30pm.

I met up with my old mate Gerard Butler last week – though he’s always Gerry to me.

I was interviewing him about his new movie so obviously it was Extremely. Hard. Work. Not!

You know, when we get together it’s always such a struggle. He’s mono-syllabic, never answers my questions and is a bit of a diva, throwing tantrums and causing all sorts of trouble.

OK, you know I’m joking. Gerry is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and he’s still totally “real” and down to-earth. He’s a bit like George Clooney in that respect. That means we always have a great laugh together and last week was no different.

In fact, as soon as I mentioned I like to do things properly for big stars and give them tea and crumpets we both just cracked up. I can’t think why.

Officially we were there to talk about Gerry’s new movie. It’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 and, being an animated film, it’s a bit of a departure for him.

There was one obvious question I had to ask – has he moved into this line of work because his looks are fading? Come on, I couldn’t miss the chance for a wind-up.

He told me he had an absolute ball making this movie, but thought it was a waste of his beautiful face! I’ve seen it, and it’s fab – the movie, I mean!

It’s that rare thing, a sequel that’s better than the original. I found myself getting drawn into it and felt really emotional at some bits.

I was thinking: ‘This is bonkers – I’m watching a cartoon and I’m nearly blubbing!’

Gerry actually sings in the movie and I’ve got to say he does a pretty good job. He said he usually only sings in the shower, then remembered he once sang Wherever I Lay My Hat to Paul Young. He said that was a great moment in his life – as a kid he’d grown up with the song and then he actually got to sing it to Mr Young himself.

We moved on to fans’ questions and quickly descended into madness.

We discussed his beard, Archie Gemmill’s super-goal in the 1978 World Cup and lots of other nonsense.

Sadly, I don’t think much of that will ever be seen on daytime TV – not unless I want to get sacked. It was just too mad for words!

One fan asked if he was a cake, what kind would he be.? Gerry said a clootie dumpling. Well, he’s a true Scot!

Now, girls, if you’ve ever fancied yourself as Mrs Butler, listen up. Obviously there’s a few in that particularly long queue, so I asked what he looks for in a woman.

You know, he found that a really hard question to answer, because he doesn’t really look for a “type” – it’s all about chemistry. Though he did say he’d always want to be with someone who didn’t take herself too seriously and could be spontaneous.

He likes “craziness” – but then totally contradicted himself by saying sometimes he just likes someone really sweet-natured.

Maybe he’s just not that fussy? Control yourselves, girls!

We couldn’t not talk about the World Cup. Obviously we’d both have loved Scotland to be there, but once again, it wasn’t to be. Gerry loves his sport, though, so he’s going to Brazil to watch a few games . . . and to party.

I’m not jealous at all, Gerry!

How To Train Your Dragon 2 has not one but two Scots in it, with Craig Ferguson also starring – well, his voice, anyway. There was a lot of speculation out here about Craig once he stepped down from The Late Late Show, his nightly TV chat show.

He took a few people by surprise doing that, but I think it’s safe to say he isn’t about to disappear into obscurity. I’m always glad to see Scots out here doing well. Gives me a wee patriotic glow of pride.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a great wee movie, out in July. I recommend it and not just because my mate’s in it!
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A spot of nonsense with nice guy Gerard Butler
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