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 My meeting with Gerard Butler

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PostSubject: My meeting with Gerard Butler    Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:05 am

Translated from link:

My meeting with Gerard Butler

I had the chance to meet Gérard Butler two weeks ago before the GQ Awards Man of the Year. I was able to interview him in his suite.

Inevitably I was stressed, I dreaded the informal meeting and the discomfort ...

I go into the suite and directly Gerard puts me at ease, he smiles (I think he recognized me and he is as impressed as me in truth). Super impressive it is super big and beautiful! My English still not quite perfect will do perfectly the case, it is so frenchy according to him!

I wanted to ask him a few questions:

Is it you who hold the account of Gerard Butler on Instagram?

Yes, it is me who holds my Instagram account and who decides what to post, however I do not use intensive or addictive, I post when I want to really share something. I rarely look at other accounts. My use of social networks remains sport-addict!

Personalities you admire?

Yes, there are many, right now I think of Leonardo Di Caprio that I find very committed to the environment. It is very admirable! I think and also to Robert de Niro and his position on Donald Trump compared to the elections in recent weeks. It is a difficult exercise to engage in politics and even more when it is done with so much aplomb and natural! There are many taboos compared to that in the united states (note: I slip to him that in France it is even worse)

Your favorite places in Paris (hyper interesting questions to ask a stranger is not it?)

I did not have the chance to really know Paris yet, so difficult to answer, last night I went to the red mill, it was fantastic, the show was superb, I felt like traveling in the time.

Surely very cliché parisien but I had an excellent evening!

In which outfit you feel the sexiest:

Strangely I feel the sexiest when I am comfortable in an outfit, it can be a sports outfit, or casual outfit. The key is not to feel disguised! And of course, a touch of Boss Botled whatever happens!

Are you trying to keep or lose your Scottish accent?

Haha, good question, when I look at my old movie I am sometimes surprised to hear me, now it depends on the film and the character, because the role of an actor is above all to know how to adapt but actually with time, My accent disappears.

Small aside fashion, advice?

The main thing, and I do not think I can teach you anything, is to be at ease and to be yourself, that joins a little what I said above. I like to mix brands, because it would be ridiculous to confine oneself to a single style or brand. I like to be casual as I like to be chic. A nice costume when you need it, a casual outfit at the right time, I like to see people at ease in their sneakers.

The news of Gérard is rather full, one can not more in the news of his last years:

Geostorm (Realisateur: Dean Devlin): Or how to save the world from imminent climate change! (Released in 2017)

Has Fallen Angel: Gerard y takes the lead role of Mike Banning, or it will try to save Air One strength of a terrorist attack!
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My meeting with Gerard Butler
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