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 Gerard Butler's Cool / Not Cool Interview

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PostSubject: Gerard Butler's Cool / Not Cool Interview    Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:38 am

Translated from link:

Gerard Butler's Cool / Not Cool Interview
Published on November 24, 2016 at 17:36

When we introduced the concept of cool interview / uncool to Gerard Butler , he laughed: "It's true that I am often told that I am a good judge of what's cool or not! And then it was we who had fun. The face of the fragrance "BOSS", by Hugo Boss, answered us without a makeup and with humor, and since then, we dream of straddling a Harley to travel the United States by his side. And always with a smile. Buy a magazine when on the cover?
Gerard Butler. [He laughs, a lot, then hesitates] It's probably not cool. In fact, we hope maybe our press attaché will send it to us, but go out and buy it yourself, not cool! Taking selfies with fans?
Gerard Butler. Cool. It's automatic. People see you and even before you remember who this person is, they chop their phone, without saying hello sometimes! "Oh my god, it's you! Can I take a photo? Sometimes in the street, there is a crowd, and some come close because they want to see what makes the raffut, they want to be part of the action. And I hear them: "Who is it?" He is an actor, he has played in such a film. Never seen ! What is his name ? Russell Crowe? Sometimes I get confused with him. I was told, "I loved you in" Gladiator ". And I also loved "Gladiator", with I keep their compliments and I do not want them to feel stupid, so I say "thank you, I loved playing in it". Check the number of likes we have on Instagram?
Gerard Butler. Not cool. No need to explain why! Order caviar in room service?
Gerard Butler. That is cool ! I love caviar and I do not eat often, only when I'm in a hotel. When I travel and work a lot, I take a break and say, "Caviar? Yes I deserved it! "(Laughter) Driving a big motorcycle?
Gerard Butler. I do it, so it's cool. I made road trips across Arkansas, Utah, Colorado, India too ... I had a big Harley! And a bandana with a leather jacket with the name of your gang on the back?
Gerard Butler. (Laughs) No, I'm not part of a gang. With a band of eight friends, we made the Pacific coast, it was incredible, we were on the four lanes, when we did not need to rumble our engines, it was great. But I'm not about to buy a knife or a pistol! Type your name on Google?
Gerard Butler. Uh ... Not cool! If you think you've made a mistake and you're wondering what's being said about you, then maybe it's okay. The only time I typed my name on Google was when I thought there were stories circulating about me, but even then it was not cool! Writing poetry?
Gerard Butler. Cool. I do it sometimes, I wrote a lot when I was young. I rewrote at the beginning of the year. When I meet people who write poems, I adore them! To wear the perfume of which one is the muse?
Gerard Butler. It's cool. You ask the people around you to feel?
Gerard Butler. Yes, I wore it before being a muse. But it does not work when they are strangers! This is where you end up typing your name on Google! You write: "Gerard Butler stranger feel me." (Laughter) Spend two hours in the bathroom?
Gerard Butler. Not cool if you're alone! But if you're accompanied, it's very cool. Seduce a woman with a perfume?
Gerard Butler. Cool. That's how we end up spending two hours in the bathroom! One hopes to succeed in seducing a woman without perfume, but without a shadow of a doubt, I have been conquered by fragrances in my life. It's a subconscious feeling, one feels sexy, strong. (He starts laughing). In fact, we do our best to seduce a woman! Order a burger at 4 am?
Gerard Butler. It's cool. If you travel, you eat in the minibar. Last night I ate all the chocolate in the minibar, and this morning my assistant saw it and said, "You're making fun of me? What happened last night? " Do not go out on a Saturday night?
Gerard Butler. It's always cool. There is no such thing as going against the grain. You know that everyone will go out, and you stay at home. It's relaxing, you watch a good movie, you go to bed early. Often, on Sunday morning, I wake up and I will immediately surf. If I went out, I could not do it. I live in Malibu, I have a small private beach, there are beautiful waves.
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Gerard Butler's Cool / Not Cool Interview
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