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 Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus

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PostSubject: Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus   Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:17 am

Pic at link.

Original link:
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Translated link:
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The Proust Questionnaire: Gerard Butler (May)

In order to bring you the Proust Questionnaire Scottish actor Sean Connery more international since: The very talented and charming Gerard Butler.

I met him during the promotional tour for his latest film, Olympus Has Fallen, in Mexico City and I had the great fortune to interview him. The overflow type charm, is super nice, ultra affordable and top it told me that my questions were more complicated than they did during this tour ... I took it as a compliment.

Without further ado, I leave his striking responses to the questionnaire (see question no. 6) and the full interview is behind the cut if you want to know what you think about the death of Margaret Thatcher, about social media, paparazzi and all about shooting Olympus Has Fallen.

Pamela. What is your greatest fear?
Gerard. After a recent experience I had, it scares me drown.

P. What historical figure do you identify?
G. Leonidas.

P. Who is the living person do you most admire?
G. Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela.

P. Who are your heroes in real life?
G. My mother.

P. What is your greatest extravagance?
G. No I have many extravagances.

P. If you could change anything about your looks, what would it be?
G. Nothing, everything is perfect (laughs) ... probably my ass.

P. If you could change something about your personality, what would it be?
G. My impulsivity.

P. What would you consider your greatest achievement?
G. I graduated from law degree with honors.

P. If you died and you could be reincarnated into anything, animal or person, what would you choose?
G. A koala.

P. What is your most valuable possession?
G. A poem written by my mother.

P. What is your motto?
G. Peace, power, purpose.

P. What is your idea of ​​perfect happiness?
G. Living in a forest, in a house by a lake ... but with a nearby beach to go surfing.

P. What would you consider the worst misery?
G. Living in fear and despair.

* To read the article and give FULL INTERVIEW click here .



Now I reveal the big surprise they had saved. It turns out that during the meeting Gerard asked me to sign 3 DVDs of 300 to be able to consent to the followers of the blog. To win one of them you have to answer the following questions about the mail [Only admins are allowed to see this link] FULL INTERVIEW:

1. What American people created a replica of the White House for the filming of Olympus Has Fallen?
Two. What country was Gerard when he learned of the death of Margaret Thatcher?
Three. How many shirts used during recording Gerard outdoor scenes?
April. What is the movie that share the same taste Gerard Butler and director Anthony Fuqua?
May. What movie Gerard worked with a director?

On your marks, get set ... answer!

Gerard Butler: From Sparta to OlympusBy Pamela Cortes

Few Scottish actors in Hollywood have been able to devote as superstars. From Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor later had not seen a luminaire acclaimed as Gerard Butler. During the promotional tour for his latest film, Olympus under fire, I had the opportunity to talk with him exclusively and reveal their innermost secrets.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the name Gerard Butler went unnoticed before the ears of the public. It was simply a lawyer aspiring actor who had taken his first steps on TV shows and independent films. By not getting the roles he wanted and be dismissed from the office where he worked for his penchant for partying and alcohol, Gerard decided to try all possible jobs: waiter, telemarketer and demonstrating the operation of toys at local fairs.

Her first professional job would come at age 27, when he took the stage to embody the character Renton in the stage adaptation of Trainspotting, which was presented at the Edinburgh Festival. With a few dollars in his wallet and a great dream to fulfill moved to Los Angeles to start hunting auditions. Shortly managed to obtain and starring roles in films such as Tomb Raider 2 Dear Frankie Dracula 2000.

The remarkable performance in the latter was immediately caught the attention of director Joel Schumacher, who proposed one of the biggest challenges of his career, starring in the musical version of The Phantom of the Opera (2004) on the big screen. However, there was still great teacher approval composer Andrew Lloyd Webber who won the Scottish rebel without formal experience as a singer and after taking only four lessons to interpret the monumental song The Music of the Night.

Later, her powerful voice completely would open the doors to international fame and critical acclaim. Thus, shouting "'This is Sparta!" Tape Zack Snyder 300 (2006), Gerard was tested not only as a great action hero, but also as one of the brightest promises of world cinema. A breakthrough role of King Leonidas was followed by others that eventually crown as a thespian capable of adapting to any genre without typecast.

Butler won the hearts of all women in PS I love you (2007) opposite Hilary Swank and at the same time became the role model for any man with his performance in RocknRolla (2008) by Guy Ritchie. He laughed to both sexes in The Ugly Truth (2009) and even younger audiences loved him in Nim's Island (2008) and the animated film How to Train Your Dragon (2010), where he lent his voice to a furry Viking named Stoick.

The latest adventure of Gerard Butler is called Olympus Under Fire (2013), which he took on the task of producing. This is an exciting action film for which director Antoine Fuqua recruited ¾ best known for films such as Training Day (2001) and a cast full of top actors: Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Melissa Leo and Ashley Judd. Mexico City was chosen to close with a flourish this world tour promotion and Gerard came up with a unique charisma to our country to talk about his life and projects and remind us once again why he is considered among the sexiest men on the planet .

Pamela: What was it that caught your attention Olympus script under fire?
Gerard: My first thought when reading it was the relevance of the subject matter, especially in the current situation, but I also liked the idea of a hero's journey and what happens when a nation is tested, how the people binds to demonstrate leadership, courage and integrity. Obviously my role attracted me, but when I read that fighter planes fly over the city of Washington said "Wow, what are we getting into?", It was a challenge that required boldness and courage. If we could give credence to the story, but at the same time having deep characters, we would be taking the audience to a frightening situation, ideal for developing great suspense and drama. It would become very emotional and inspiring simply by the nature of the subject: A terrorist attack on the most protected building in the world.

Q: How was the experience of playing a hero and who are your heroes in real life?
G: I have made ​​several such roles throughout my career, I like to examine the various subtleties of what heroism. There is a kind of hero who does not believe have what it takes to fulfill his mission, but he does anyway. Is that "Rocky moment" which is frightened by a great fight, but it takes courage and wins. But it is the kind of hero who believes strongly focused in their convictions as Leonidas in 300, who knows that nobody can stop. I think one of the main characteristics of a hero is the willingness to sacrifice. As for my heroes, I would definitely say that my family, especially my mother, also Nelson Mandela.

Q: Tell us about your training for the film.
G: I've been fortunate to work with the best stunts and martial arts masters. In this case, the script was very good fight scenes and did not want that someone else. I learned to move as naturally as they follow the choreography. I also received lessons from former Secret Service agents and Navy SEALs, which was my favorite part. The two men who were primarily advised me fascinating stories: one had a scar along his neck and the other had tattooed the Secret Service emblem on the gum. They taught me how to work an emergency operation at the White House, all air monitoring protocol, establish lines of communication to the outside, to calculate the capacity of the enemy and finally develop a plan of defense.

Q: With this tape seems that Hollywood has forgotten Afghan terrorists and the Middle East to focus on the enemies who appear to be now: the North Koreans. What do you think about this projection?
G: It was not intentional that the villains of the story came from North Korea, wanted to try terrorism as such, with a fictitious and complex reasons. But there is a hint of reality in all this, if we made ​​a film about Jamaicans or Spanish terrorists would not have the same resonance. Always looking to target the current political tensions and what is happening in the world. At the time the scripts focused on the conflict with Russia or against Germany at the end of the Second World War.

P: Olympus under fire shows the White House virtually destroyed. How did they take a catastrophe to the screen?
G: Actually they built a replica of the building in Shreveport, Louisiana. It was fun because the local people were so excited about it that became a monument of reference. To give directions saying "turn left, passing the White House" and when the exploit changed to "turn left, where he was the White House before to pieces". As for the shooting, it was difficult to make the outdoor scenes as we were at 45 degrees and ended up doing about 400 shots from different angles. Sweating so much I should change my shirt often. In total 18 and were used with a machine drying and again.

Q: What activities recurrías in the little free time of filming so intense?
G: I produced the film, so I had plenty of room in the schedule to devote to other things. If I was not training I would start to develop the script, or sometimes going to the chiropractor if I had hurt. But when you're the producer and the project you are passionate not think of anything else. I remember that marked Antoine Fuqua in the morning to say "I have this idea", he answered me "are you serious?". It is a great guy, this film could not have directed someone else, we spent hours talking about the role of the hero. His favorite movie is Apocalypse Now, it is also mine. We have much in common. I think there was only a brief break from recording and I went to a cabin next to a lake to rest. It was incredible.

Q: What is the difference between working with principals? What do you prefer?
G: Women obviously have the ability to understand a little more, are more sensitive and emotional. There is a movie I made ​​called Dear Frankie and being directed by a woman the result was very sweet and touching, to date is one of my favorite works. But even working with directors find that there are some who have a highly developed feminine side, they also have that sensitivity and compassion, but generally men are direct and to the point, not distracted by niceties.

Q: What do you think the role of women in today's society? Do you think that men and women have the same capabilities?
G: No doubt there are some activities that women can not do as well as men, especially in terms of physical capacity. But just the opposite happens and others are just as efficient. However, women have had to constantly prove themselves and fight for their right to be in positions of power in all areas. I must say that the most talented people I've met in the industry have been women ... giving a little scary. Definitely should be dominating this business.

Q: As a Scotsman what was your feeling to hear the news of the death of Margaret Thatcher, one of the most powerful women in the world?
G: I was in South Africa, coming to a radio station and there was a television on which heard he had suffered a heart attack. Reviewing the history of Scotland is logical that all the hate, I also hated the wrong things he did and how it affected my country. But hearing the news I was very moved and had mixed feelings. I agree that was a great woman. It is a similar situation when any president dies, the Kennedy assassination is a great example, not everyone agreed with his policies but no one wanted to die.

Q: You are a very versatile actor, you've done musicals, chick flicks, drama, action. How do you select your projects and what gender you felt most comfortable?
G: I take it project by project, watch the material and choose what excites me, what speaks to me. Is it a character I want to play? Is it a challenge for me as an actor? Do you have a relevant message? I look at the work I've done in the past as a reference point, but I'm open to any script that grabs my attention. Sometimes I say "I do not want this kind in a long time" and I get an excellent proposal and such just took it because I like it. I can not say which is my favorite, but definitely there is nothing more rewarding than making a good drama, delve into the character and emotions, is a very powerful experience. On the other hand, make an action movie is very funny, but I think it is a bigger challenge, because you state unusual situations and have to look real.

Q: You've produced several films, but would you like to dabble in the direction one day, following in the footsteps of actors like Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford and Ben Affleck?
G: Yes I have thought, but would not this time. I have still a lot to explore as an actor and producer. Almost all directors I work with tell me I should try it and it would be pretty good. I do not know if they mean to persuade or be kidding me.

Q: Have you ever seriously felt hounded by the paparazzi? What do you think of the whole phenomenon of the tabloids? Many say that bad publicity is good after all.
G: Many players avoid such comments to not affect his image but I do think that the paparazzi take away much of the joy and satisfaction in this profession. I follow all the time and sometimes they are aggressive, they are my favorite ones. As for the tabloids, suddenly read about me and some colleagues that is completely false. It saddens me that people make up stories that are hurtful. To this day I still do not understand that kind of thought process, like the people who buy those magazines.

Q: I recently opened official Twitter account. What is your perspective on social media and your privacy as an actor?
G: My privacy is very important, but Twitter is fun and it does not deepen about my business. It is a good channel to communicate about upcoming projects and what I'm doing at the time, but in general I am a very private person. There is nothing better than traveling and filming in a place where nobody knows you and you have to be constantly turning to look after you. I love Twitter because it is a very positive feedback from the people and is a direct route. Prefer to read what I write personally to be swayed by what the media says.

Q: It is well known that you do not drink for a long time. How do you get in half as difficult as Hollywood will respect your decision?
G: Nobody really questioned me. The people I get to press to take it because they do not know me and at the time I put a high easily understand. My close friends and the people around me I fully respect.

Q: What should a woman do to get your attention?

G: I realize immediately and I hate when someone tries too hard to flip to see. Unfortunately in my position is something that happens often. It is the most effective way to scare me off. They should be subtle, I like women who are given respect and that are not obvious.
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PostSubject: Re: Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus   Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:15 pm

Why is there so much here now that all of us can't see? (only admins allowed)
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PostSubject: Re: Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus   Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:15 pm

What do you mean, Sami?
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PostSubject: Re: Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus   Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:42 pm

The "only admins allowed to see this link" stuff?
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PostSubject: Re: Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus   Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:55 pm

I see that everytime Dallas posts a link. I see
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
in red.

Nay, make a dummy regular user account and look at the post.
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PostSubject: Re: Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus   Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:19 am

I logged out and saw it, Sami and Julie. How long has it been like that? I haven't changed anything on the forum or website so I honestly don't know what is wrong.
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Not sure, Nay. Kinda weird. confused

Looks like we have some new "Smileys" too, but I'm old and can't see most of 'em coz they're tiny. LOL!
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PostSubject: Re: Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus   Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:30 pm

That red message has been staying for months. Before, I'd see the red message sometimes then later that day or day after it got changed to a link. Seems like someone, you or DK, did that manually. I had commented on the hidden links before but no one said anything so I let it go since Dallas posts all the text contents from those links anyway, and the pictures get posted in the picture areas eventually.
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PostSubject: Re: Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus   

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Mexico City Interview: Gerard Butler: From Sparta to Olympus
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