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 Gerard Butler would agree to make telenovelas Interview: He spoke of his new film 'Olympus under fire'.

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PostSubject: Gerard Butler would agree to make telenovelas Interview: He spoke of his new film 'Olympus under fire'.   Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:14 am

I hope some of this is lost in translation....
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Gerard Butler would agree to make telenovelas
Interview: He spoke of his new film 'Olympus under fire'.

Also told us that it is very cute with the women.

We talk with Gerard Butler during his visit to Mexico to promote tape Olympus under fire, and in which it gives life to Mike Banning, a secret agent who saves the hostages, including the President of the United States after a terrorist attack on the White House.

-Do you consider that it has been your best work so far?

"I don't know. I'm very happy for what I did in the film, not only as an actor but because produced it and developed the screenplay with Antoine Fuqua, so if people touched it, be entertained and moved, I can say that nothing can make me feel better than that. Do that if it is my best work as an actor? I don't know, it is very difficult to say, I can't".

-I know that you met real secret agents, could you tell me your experience?

"Yes, we spend a lot time with secret agents. We also work a bit to find out what actually happens with terrorism, the fascinating process of what happens in the corridors and rooms of the White House, what they would do if they had to enter without contact with the outside. "But we also spend time talking with them on their personal experiences, how it is to be a secret agent, you have to train, how they feel for their work and commitment to accept a bullet to save someone".

-In the film your character risks his life to save that of the President, did in real life by who would do the same thing?

"I've made that sometimes, one it would by my family, my friends, but very difficult meeting does not get involved in any situation where a person is in trouble." In fact I won an award from the Royal Humane Society because I saved a boy from drowning in a river. I also remember that six types were beating a man in the head. He did not know the man, but I got because I thought they were killing him and while he separated them all stopped and I thought ' ok, now I will kill me '. and looked at me and left. I'm the type of person who is willing to take risks by Justice and by anyone who may be in danger.

-If you were a Mexican actor and soƱaras with you go to Hollywood should do telenovelas, such as Salma Hayek... would pay that price to achieve it?

"Yes, I would. I've known some actors in telenovelas and love it, it is a heavy duty, but they enjoy, so it wouldn't necessarily say that it is a price, because it would be acting and that's what I love to do, would gain experience and work is work. I almost did not come to Mexico, but if someone proposes it me maybe it would come to make telenovelas (laughs) ".
-You have many fans around the world, do you consider yourself sexy?

"It is a difficult question to answer. I don't think that I'm ugly, I think that I'm a handsome guy, but don't you know sexy... I think that I am more seductive, sometimes with a smile or a glance, and goes with the women, that when you see there is an extra, a nod. But I think that by nature I am cute, I am smiling and that helps conquer."

Olympus under fire was released on April 19 in Mexico and featuring performances by Ashley Judd, Angela Bassett, Melissa Leo and Morgan Freeman. Watch the trailer:

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Gerard Butler would agree to make telenovelas Interview: He spoke of his new film 'Olympus under fire'.
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