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 Gerard Butler shows his parents the Matterhorn

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PostSubject: Gerard Butler shows his parents the Matterhorn   Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:53 pm

It looks like Gerry also attended the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Translated from (pic at link):

Gerard Butler shows his parents the Matterhorn
By Paola Biason

Gerard Butler has a home in Los Angeles, New York and London: but the Hollywood star spent the past weekend in Zermatt.

Invited by a Swiss company, which Gerald Butler does recently, the Hollywood Beau last week attended the Montreux Jazz Festival. But the native Scot wanted to see the typical Swiss mountains. So he flew in the short term his parents from Scotland and surprised them with a weekend in Zermatt.

His first time in Zermatt, not pass the restaurant «Chez Heini». Because owner URS Biner, better known as singing host Dan Daniell, pampers its guests not only with exquisite dishes of lamb from own pasture. The host presents them every evening a nostalgic slide show about the Valais village. In addition he sings his visitors with sentimental hits with his hit «Matterhorn».

Gerald Butler drank Valais red wine

Gerald Butler enjoyed the Friday evening with his parents for a long time incognito. The actor ordered lamb, potato gratin and a Valais red. «With his three-day beard and his longer hair I did not recognize himat first sight» tells URS Biner. «T“Then the lady at its table read the saying” PS I Love You"in the bill of fare. I Love You “and wondered if we were refering to the movie. When I said yes, she told me proudly, that the main character is her son and sit at the table with them. «Tehn naturally everything was clear of course!

The «äusserstr attractive» Gerald Butler was early a little embarrased at the openness of his mother. «Like all stars, who come here, he estimates the Zermatt discretion.» Despite everything, he photographed without any airs and graces with Dan Daniell for his famous star wall. «You are a star, as you sing», Butler said laughing in the round.

In a discussion with the hosts, the actor revealed as his parents and he would enjoy the car-free village, as he is fascinated by the Swiss mountains - in particular the imposing Matterhorn. «His blue eyes just shined,», says URS Biner. «It seems to me a very satisfied and happy man.»

As for Butler's holiday plans and one is now already certain: this was not, Gerald Butler's last visit to the Switzerland. «I have told him, Zermatt has a completely different atmosphere and a different audience in winter», tells Dan Daniell, «as promised, he'll certainly be back in winter.»
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Gerard Butler shows his parents the Matterhorn
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