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 Gerard Butler: "The perfume completes my style."

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PostSubject: Gerard Butler: "The perfume completes my style."   Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:47 am

Translated from link:

Gerard Butler: "The perfume completes my style."
Article updated on 24/11/16 17:35

A sex appeal to fall. A voice to make you chuckle like a teenager. Gerard Butler is the epitome of virility and quiet strength. Heart of Boss Bottled Intense, the actor known throughout the world for his role as Leonidas in 300, indulged himself on his role as ambassador and his relationship to perfume. Sexy Interview in 3, 2, 1 ...

Women's Journal: How Do You Feel In Your Boss Muse Costume?
Gerard Butler : It's really a rewarding experience. I traveled all over the world with Hugo Boss. It is an iconic brand and I love the perfume that I represent (Boss Bottled Intense ed.). Throughout the countryside, I have the feeling of being much more than the face of the product. I have something to say about what is masculinity, about what it means to be a man today. This is a more interesting and enriching experience.
What exactly do you have to say about masculinity?
I like that today's men have a message to bear on courage, integrity, honesty, but with a modern vision. This means that these values ​​are no longer confined to professional careers but rather in life in general. Let's say that the definition is more flexible these days. The masculinity is also to show its emotions, its compassion, its spirit.
What place does perfume occupy in your life?
I think it occupies the right place! (Laughs) In the sense that it does not govern my life but it helps me to define myself. The perfume completes my style. When I go out, I put on it to feel good about myself. It blends perfectly with my current mood.
Do you often change perfume?
Yes ! I have three perfumes that I wear depending on the occasions, my state of mind.

What is your favorite fragrance?
Boss Bottled Hugo Boss! (Laughter) No, really! I love the juice. I love Musk Le Labo 25.
Do you particularly like musk?
Yes, just like the vetiver that I find powerful. Pretty sexy too.
Like you ?
Yes like me ! That's what defines me! (Laughs)
Do you spend time taking care of yourself? A scrub or a mask from time to time ...
Look at me ! (He laughs again) I like being primed but I do not like to spend hours there. I try to stay as natural as possible. I put a day cream ... Clearly, I do not spend more than 5 minutes in the bathroom, brushing teeth included!
For you, what does it mean to have self-confidence?
I think that it is above all to be well in his skin, to esteem himself, to have a good self image and to show it to the world. It is also to generate positive energy, to love life and to believe in what you do.
Does your job help you to trust yourself?
I think I trust myself. But it is true that this job helps you to break some barriers. This evening, I present the GQ Awards and to take up the challenge, I have to trust myself, even if I'm a little nervous and I have stage fright. Having confidence in yourself also means having the courage to face all situations.
You have the image of a strong, or sexy man, as you pointed out earlier ... What is your weakness?
I have some! Self-confidence helps me hide them! If I really have to unveil one, then that would be procrastination. This defect can be terrible sometimes. When I work, I am constantly cut by the SMS, the mails, the infos ... So, I stop what I am doing to look at the phone and postpone what I have to accomplish in the moment. It can be frustrating and it can make me waste a lot of energy.
Is that your only weakness?
In fact, I can write a whole book about my weaknesses!
What is the thing that terrifies you the most?
It would be to stand before an audience and not know what to say. I'm on stage, at the theater, 1,000 people watch me. I play in a play by Shakespeare and there ... Nothing to say. Not a word ! That's what scares me. This is not an irrational fear so I can live with it.
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Gerard Butler: "The perfume completes my style."
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