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 I am not handsome, but I studied: Gerard Butler

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PostSubject: I am not handsome, but I studied: Gerard Butler   Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:08 am

I am not handsome, but I studied: Gerard Butler

MEXICO CITY, July 10 (El Universal) .- Gerard Butler knows he is not young for the parameters of Hollywood and there may be more talented than his players. But it ensures that the key to its success lies in its consistency and university education he received.

That has allowed him to carve out a solid career in cinema and creating a solid financial future for himself and his family. "I do not know how my career would have taken had not studied law, that allowed me to see the performance from a different perspective.

"I always try to use everything I learned in college and apply it to my acting profession," Gerard El Universal said.

The Irish-born Briton said that he finds it "curious" that the press or the public is surprised that an actor to go to college.

For him, university studies are not at odds with his career as histrionic and although it is not currently engaged in advocacy, is something that has helped him take his career in Tinseltown.

"People are surprised that you have studied law, I know that apparently have nothing to do but the truth is that studying gives you another perspective on everything. I think that if I had not studied law never would have met the performance and not be here, "he said.

Gerard explained that he realized his true calling to be on the premises of the university while attending their classes to become a lawyer.

The actor of 45 years said that in addition to education, luck and work have been constant in his career and that without them today would not enjoy the acceptance it has.

"If I had to decide what I owe this amazing career that has allowed me to travel, meet and work with amazing people, I would say the record, actually I have some talent, some luck, but I put a lot of effort, I think that it makes a difference, "he said.

Butler said not to be the most attractive of Hollywood, cataloged as some, in fact, refers to his Irish appearance perhaps is what catches your eye.

"I do not think it be the beauty that Hollywood hopes, I mean, I'm not a toothless guy without an eye, but I think I'm different from what is customary in the industry," he said.

The actor of films such as "300", who came to Mexico City as part of the "Man of today" campaign, Hugo Boss, said that although his rough appearance always makes it appear in journals cataloged as "model man "is aware that the word man has changed.

It ensures that this transformation has been good because it has opened the possibility that not required to be rude, loud or heterosexual to be considered a "real man".

"Define the man of today is difficult, there is a definition that can encompass the concept, I think that now men are not afraid to be who we are, whenever we have we earned the right to express more what we feel and that's something We must celebrate, "he said.

As he fulfilled his desire to act, Gerard Butler confident that their future is encouraging, therefore keep producing, acting and focusing on stories which does not rule out a future run.
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I am not handsome, but I studied: Gerard Butler
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