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  BOSS BOTTLED: Gerard Butler meet & greet

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PostSubject: BOSS BOTTLED: Gerard Butler meet & greet   Thu Sep 11, 2014 7:42 pm

BOSS BOTTLED: Gerard Butler meet & greet

by Bianca Matley on Sep 11, 2014 • 2:03 pm

The excitement has finally settled down but the hype is still on the up. After a packed floor in Westfield White City greeted Gerard Butler, it was time for a more intimate Q&A session about the BOSS fragrance and what he believes to be the Man of Today (he said, “spontaneous and a bit of a rogue” – cheeky)

But before we swooned at Gerard’s appearance, the very knowledgeable Will Andrews, Fragrance Designer, explained the ins and outs to creating BOSS Bottled;

“Fragrance has an expressive personality and wearability – its own signature which is different on every skin.”


“Boss Bottled is like ‘a suit in a bottle’ as it has a very stylistic element, dressing the body, just like a suit does. We wanted it to make an impact but with an air of elegance. The woody scent has an anchoring affect and creates a structure, whereas the ambers and musks smooth out the rawness of the fragrance. A leaner scent to the original Hugo Boss, there is a tiny amount of natural rose oil, o.1% in fact, to soften the overall blend.”

“I believe men should take just as much care over fragrance as women do, just like they do with their clothes. It’s an invisible ambassador that should be part of their outfit.”

This fragrance really was a hit and I’d highly recommend it as a gift, or as your man’s new signature fragrance.

Now – it was time for Gerard…


How can men apply the Boss philosophy to their everyday life?

“I try to enjoy whatever I’m doing. I look back at moments where I wasn’t so happy at the time and realise they were good moments. It’s important to do things that motivate and inspire you and it’s about being true to yourself.”

What do you look for in a fragrance?

“I’ve always liked spice based scents – they evoke memories of trees and nature (having grown up in those surroundings & living in them now), it inspires me and I’ve always felt good wearing that. A mix of spicy and musk is my favourite.”

How would you define modern masculinity?

“You don’t want to lose the traditional masculinity of strenghth and courage but it’s important not to lose your sensitivity. Compassion, passion and spontenaity differentiate you – the modern man is confident, focused and driven.”

What is fragrance to you?

“When I was younger, I stole aftershave from my step father which were the classics back then like Paco Rabanne. It was like an armour when I put it on. I felt sexy, cool and it was another way to express myself. Fragrance is a nice finishing touch – it’s like your best friend.”

What’s your advice to women buying their men a fragrance?

“Buy two – one you know he likes and one you like. He’ll appreciate the one he likes but always associate the one you like to you, so you can’t go wrong.”

Complete this sentence: Boss Bottled is the perfect fragrance for…

“Whatever occassion you want.”

What’s your top tip for looking your best?

“I often take time to work out or meditate to get my day off to a good start – it’s about taking those moments to readjust and move forward.”

If you’re curious as to the philosophy to being the Man of Today, you can see it here (it’s pretty darn good):


Oh and for those who weren’t following us on Instagram (tut tut!) we managed a little photo opportunity too…

photo 3


Did any of you manage to catch a glimpse of Gerard last week?
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BOSS BOTTLED: Gerard Butler meet & greet
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