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 Ryan Seacrest interview - audio clip at link

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PostSubject: Ryan Seacrest interview - audio clip at link   Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:08 am

Gerard Butler Talks About His Near Death Experience

Gerard Butler called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his new movie “Playing For Keeps” what he thinks about soccer moms, and how his life has changed after his near death experience on set. And among a week with Bradley Cooper and David Beckham interviews, Gerard Butler said, “It’s depressing, it’s like going after The Beatles.”

Does Gerard Like His Shirtless Reputation?
“I’d far rather be fully clothed on any occasion, it just saves a lot of complications.”

On His Near Death Experience:
Gerard had a near death experience when he was trapped under a couple of waves while shooting the surfing movie “Chasing Mavericks.” Gerard tells us: “It was so weird because while I was under there, it felt very normal. I thought this is me, I’m Gerry and I’m in big trouble. I always thought you would feel like you were somewhere else, almost like a dream. That made me want to push things harder for a while, because I almost pushed the wrong way for a while. I’m back remembering when you need to appreciate life but not having to push the limits.”

On David Beckham Leaving LA Galaxy:
“I think it’s pretty sad. One of the things about this movie is that it’s about soccer in America, and you kind of hope that some of that is going to catch on. Beckham has obviously brought some spotlight to that, and you know was for a long time the best player in the world. I think it’ll be sad that he’s not here any more, it’s always been an exciting thing to know that Beckham was just around the corner.”

Do Moms Throw Themselves At Good Looking Coaches:
Gerard plays a kids soccer coach in his new movie “Playing For Keeps.” To prepare for the role he went to observe some soccer games. Did Gerard find that the soccer moms throw themselves at good looking coaches? “I think the Dads should be completely worried. I’m sure without a doubt there’s a bit of that goes on. I don’t want to damn all soccer moms because most are just normal cool moms. But I think even if there is an element of ‘who’s the new coach,’ I would say that’s as far as it goes, there’s no harm in going, ‘oh he’s cute.’”
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Ryan Seacrest interview - audio clip at link
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