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 R&R problems?

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Two Fries Short of a Happy Meal

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PostSubject: R&R problems?   Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:26 pm

Not sure if this has been seen before but I was nosing around Tom Hardy's site today when I found this in the R&R section (Tom's words):

“Its funny I spend a lot of time on this one having to prove that I can actually act and arguing my point to do my job i dnt think they trust that if left to my own devises I will turn in a performance that will be worthy but they seem to think I think 2 much and make things 2 complic8d. There are a lot of big tough men and macho shit going on here. I wonder if it is my issues with my own courage and inability to find a languague with the tough guys that is the problem, but I cant lie to myself if I think theres a waft of the turd in the air? Everybody can be so nice til you raise your hand and ask… why? So do I let the boys intimidate me put me off my game or do I intimid8 them a little when I flag up questions or disagree with the swaggering bravado or a distinct lack of intelligent thought instinct and my disdain of manipulation and courage must Me speak my fears else they consume me. For I am a gay cowboy and the token oddball on this movie my place in the pack is a runt amongst these fighting men”

“See I just don’t suffer fools gladly..Which is really dangerous territory I have to toe the line sometimes and know when my ego wants to make the call Shame I really need to learn in this game:- to punch the clock and smile be gr8ful it’s hard when you have been spoiled as I have and tastd riches which aren’t about exposure name and the paycheck and when it cld b done better we sometimes have to bite our tongue x X”

Didn't Gerry say something about how much fun it was making this movie and how great it was to make a movie with a bunch of guys who talked shit all the time? Looks like not everyone was having a blast ...

(personally, I find what he says kind of ironic, since for the most part I think that Tom can act circles around most of the guys in this movie ...)
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PostSubject: Re: R&R problems?   Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:58 pm

I remember reading this before RnR came out and kind of wondered the same thing and who or what he was refering to specifically.

I know that Guy was very specific on what he wanted and his vision and maybe he allowed only limited input from the actors etc. But I also wondered if maybe Tom was refering to the characters' personas in the film (not the actors personally) when he was talking about the "big tough men and macho shit" and trying to find a "voice" for Handsome Bob, the only gay character among the manly male characters -- because he did say "For I am a gay cowboy and the token oddball on this movie my place in the pack is a runt amongst these fighting men", which is clearly a reference to his character in the movie and not him personally.

In any event, I imagine there was a lot of bravado being tossed around on-set. His comments are interesting, if not cryptic. They could reflect just a snapshot in time (perhaps the very begining) and not necessarily the overall tone of the set and thus why Gerry said the set was a lot of fun.

I don't remember seeing Tom doing press for this movie. Was he filming Bronson at the time?
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PostSubject: Re: R&R problems?   Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:12 am

Tom is an extraordinary actor, for sure.

I don't know Tom's acting background. Did he study acting in school?
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PostSubject: Re: R&R problems?   

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R&R problems?
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