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 His Movies

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PostSubject: His Movies   His Movies Icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 7:32 pm

I am still kind of new to this I don't want to be totally stupid when it comes to his movies before we go into chat. The first GB movie I watched was PSILY and we know how that one affected me.

I admit when I watched Dear Frankie the first time I did fall asleep the first time during most of his scenes. I wasn't bored just tired that evening. When I woke up...well let's just say I was confused as to who was who and I may have cried less if I had stayed awake and had a clue as to what happened. My ex pointed out when we were talking about the movie a few days later (and I think I posted something here) that I was totally screwed up since he managed to watch the whole movie with his eyes open. I had to watch it again with fresh, awake eyes. LOVE IT!

I watched 300 on cable. It was okay. GB was hard to recognize for me in that one. I have watched it a couple of times since because my ex likes it and it keeps coming on TV.

Watched TUT. Not impressed at all with any of it and it wasn't GB's fault. Well, I think it was bad choice for his career.

Watched Reign of Fire. Not impressed with that movie either.

I saw Mrs. Brown years ago. I didn't remember who he was in that movie at first until I saw on IMDB he was the one running naked.

For my BD I received some his movies that I still have not watched. POTO is in that pile. I feel like the kid who joined the class in April and had to catch up with the other kids!
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His Movies
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