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 Blackbook Magazine interviews Gerry at Bullrun event Soho House

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PostSubject: Blackbook Magazine interviews Gerry at Bullrun event Soho House   Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:08 pm

Gerard Butler + Jennifer Aniston: Obviously

“It’s always better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission,” Gerard Butler said of his relationship with The Bounty co-star Jennifer Aniston last Friday at the Bullrun (pretty much the most glamorous of car rallies) kickoff party held at Soho House. Okay, so he didn’t say that about Aniston, he said that about something else entirely, but with the media speculation that Aniston is doing it with yet another male costar, we may as well attribute that quote to some secret or subconscious desire, because in a few short hours, that is exactly what the entire bloggy sewing circle will be gossiping about, anyways. I mean, Aniston’s contract states that she “Must have sex with hunky co-star more than once, preferably while dressed as medieval Spaniards,” so it’s not a stretch. And since some source told Star that Jennifer “says Gerard’s a great kisser” (!!!), the fact that Gerard refused to skip a day of filming with his lady love last week in favor of racing to Pittsburgh for the first leg of Bullrun is starting to make so much more sense. Cutting to the chase, we decided to ask Butler directly. About Bullrun, that is.

So, how are you involved with Bullrun?
Gerard Butler: I’m running it.

Wait, you run Bullrun as well?
GB: I organize the event, I bring in sponsors, I sell the tickets and the rights. I started it about five years ago.

Weird, I had no idea you were so involved with it!
GB: Wait, what are you doing? (looks down at my iPhone which also acts as my recorder)

I’m doing a piece for BlackBook, on Bullrun.
GB: Oh, are you recording this?

GB: Oh my God! I have nothing to do with this!! This is his thing. (Points to friend and real Bullrun founder Andrew Duncan.)
Andrew Duncan: Gerry actually does a little bit of dancing occasionally. That’s what he does.
GB: But I’m not very good at that either

Can I actually write about how Gerard Butler tried to dupe me?
GB: Yeah, why not.

Ok, but really, are you involved with this at all?
GB: No.

Are you here for the fun of it?
GB: I’m just here with a couple of buddies who are in it who always tell me great things about it, and I was just coming along to say hello to them.

So, are you a fan of racing?
GB: Well, they’re trying to get me to participate in the first leg of the race, to Pittsburgh, and it sounds very tempting to maybe jump in a Mustang Shelby and do a day’s driving. I just don’t know if my film will be happy with it.

Are you filming right now?
GB: I’m filming, doing a movie with Jennifer Aniston here. And I’m not quite sure I’m allowed to do that.
AD: It’s always better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission.
GB: This is why he’s running this and I’m not. I’d say “Just f*cking do it!” but he says “It’s always better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission.” That was very good.

See? It’s not like we didn’t know Aniston and Butler would eventually get together ... their attraction started along time ago; before Bradley Cooper, after Vince Vaughn and John Mayer, she was apparently on the prowl.
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PostSubject: Re: Blackbook Magazine interviews Gerry at Bullrun event Soho House   Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:20 am

Senor Butler couldn't lie straight in bed! Rolling Eyes
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Blackbook Magazine interviews Gerry at Bullrun event Soho House
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