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 Jennifer Aniston Single Says Gerard Butler

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PostSubject: Jennifer Aniston Single Says Gerard Butler   Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:18 pm

Jennifer Aniston Single Says Gerard Butler

By Marissa Charles
Jul 9, 2009

Scottish hunk Gerard Butler commented on reports and claims he is seeing co-star Jennifer Aniston, saying he only spoke to her for four minutes before rumors they were dating emerged. The 39-year-old is currently filming "The Bounty" with the Friends star.

Butler said: "In the last year, there have probably been rumours of ten different women I'm supposed to be involved with. I think maybe one is true. "You can walk around with a hundred of your buddies and it's cool, but the second there's a woman involved... But the new one is Jennifer Aniston. It's because she's single and I'm single.

"The sum total of our conversation was about four minutes at the Toronto Film Festival. "The next day, the story is: 'Gerry Butler and Jennifer Aniston get cozy at the Toronto Film Festival.' Cozy? We were standing up and surrounded by 40 people."

Before becoming Hollywood's latest leading man, the Scot was heading for a legal career. Butler's legal career was cut short and his transition to actor eased when he was fired from a law firm a week before he was supposed to qualify as a lawyer. He was sacked during the Edinburgh Festival when his mind was on things other than work. "I became quite infamous in Scottish legal circles," he says. It's very difficult to be fired as a trainee lawyer - they just don't qualify you at the end of two years. But they actually fired me one week before I was due to qualify."
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PostSubject: Re: Jennifer Aniston Single Says Gerard Butler   Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:20 pm

one, huh?
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Jennifer Aniston Single Says Gerard Butler
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