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 Philly Chit Chat: Your Daily Gerry

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PostSubject: Philly Chit Chat: Your Daily Gerry   Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:55 am

GERARD BUTLER - Your Daily Gerry

Just want to answer a few comments: Having Gerry in town has certainly kept you busy. Whatever will you do when he leaves?? I think you should have an auction after LAC completes filming - the prize is a print of your best Gerry photo -if he signs it, it's more valuable - and give the proceeds to your favorite charity in his name. - Seriously, have you read my blog, I am fairly busy as it is, I cover the Philadelphia Social Scene, Arts, Culture and my beloved Charities (and all this coverage free except for a few hours of loss sleep and a bit of sacrafice on my loved ones part). Covering Gerry is easy, he's filming across the street and he's "friends" with at least 5 of my friends. I know what he's up to, I just don't always know what time so as can get a photo. I enjoy being the only paparazzi in town. The streets would be packed with lots of photographers and I probably wouldn't make an effort;

it might come as a surprise to you, but not one of my Gerry or Jaime photos has run in a magazine since they've arrived. It's a surprise as he has such a loyal following. My question to you today is, do you buy People Mag or Us Mag weekly, do you buy it when Gerry's in it? or do you just get your Gerry fix through the online photos? It's just a survey, it's not an acusation. It's fine with me, I love giving you your Gerry fix. i check the sites for Madonna and Cher updates.

I hear Gerry has 2 more weeks and then he is done. In fact his stunt double Tim is finished next Friday, I don't know what that means exactly, maybe Gerry will just have a few minor scenes and no action shots. Jamie Foxx is partaking in a conference this weekend, I have no idea what Gerry is doing. I do know that the whole time I was waiting with the fans at City Hall on Friday, Gerry was at Del Frisco's less than a block away eating dinner. My friend sat with him for 10 mins, then a young lady joined him and my friend left. So whatever we saw or heard, he was not there. i was still happy as I got those great shots of the City lit up, and I met some nice Gerry Girls. Who can say they are crazy, it's a very misogynist thing to say. How many of our husbands, brothers, or sons LOVE their SPORTS and know everything about their favorite stars. How many of them travel to SPRING TRAINING?

I will be doing a photo essay of all the places Gerry went, but not until April. So like the folks who come from all over the world to see the Rocky statue, or the fans that like to sit on Carrie's steps from Sex and the City in NYC, you too will have a chance to walk in Gerry's shoe's and I will finally reveal where Gerry spent the bulk of his 3 months here. He only changed hotels to be closer to the film sets, I should have made that more clear before the message board folks went off on a conspiracy theory.

Posted by HughE Dillon at Wednesday, March 11, 2009
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PostSubject: Re: Philly Chit Chat: Your Daily Gerry   Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:24 pm

This guys cracks me up.
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Philly Chit Chat: Your Daily Gerry
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