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 Round Robin

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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:07 pm

Not at all, Ger. It's in exactly the right spot.

Keep working on this story. The tension is building nicely.

Just don't forget the rest of the Forum would like to hear from you too.
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:08 pm

How do you respond to something like that coming from a man you barely know not to mention is sought after by many women all over the world? I was wondering how I landed myself in this position.

"I have that affect on people, you know." I replied in my half sleep state. "I'm like a bad movie but you just keep watching because there is just something there, you can't quite put your finger on it, that you can't stop watching because you just know there's more than meets the eye."

"Yes! I believe that's it!" he exclaimed and laughed that delicious giggle of his.

A silence fell between us.

"Where did you say you were staying?" he then asked.

"I don't believe I ever did." I answered.

"Well, if you'll kindly tell me, I'll come and pick you up." he replied.

"When?" I asked fully realizing that it was no use trying to get any more sleep.

"Right now!" he replied.

"I don't know how you do it!" I looked at my watch on the bedside stand. It was barely ten. So much for getting more than maybe a good three hours sleep total!

"I power sleep." he replied, "besides, sleeping if overrated anyway."

"The Manhattan Club." I said.

"Bloody hell! Swank!" he replied.

"Don't be impressed. It's a timeshare." I admitted.

"I'll see you around noon." he said.

"What happened to one thirty?" I quered but received no response.

I got up and went about putting myself together for the day. Strangely, I was not as tired as I thought I would be. I showered, tossed on some jeans and a tee shirt. If this was going to be a day of hotdogs and bicycles, I wanted to be comfortable. And I had also made up my mind, there would be no elevator escapades!

About five minutes after noon, my cell phone rang.

"You're late", I answered.

"Honey? It's me. When are you coming home? I miss you and I'm sorry." The male voice on the other end was not the one I was expecting! The voice was that of my husband![left]
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:33 pm

Holy crap!

I did not expect that.
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:10 pm

"Are you there?" he asked timidly.

"Yes." I responded flatly.

"Baby, will you talk to me?" he asked.

"There's nothing to talk about." I replied.

"She meant nothing to me....honest!" he offered.

"Oh really. I have to say that was a lovely way to celebrate my birthday! Finding out that the man who is supposed to love you and be devoted to you screws around with a twenty something on your lousy birthday!" I tried to keep my voice down but I could feel my blood pressure rising!

"Baby, please, let me....."

"DON' me that! You have no right to call me that anymore!"

"OK....but please believe me when I tell you that I'm sorry and that I love you and that she meant absolutely nothing to me. I was just feeling.....old and she was flirting around and next thing....."

"Spare me the wretched details, please! I've heard enough. How do you suppose that made me feel? A woman....a girl....half my age!"

"I....didn't think you'd find out....."

I hit the button and threw my phone across the bed. I sat down and tried to calm myself down taking breaths in, one at a time, deeply! Then I thought, "why am I so pissed off? I have a date with a man in few minutes who is about ten years younger then myself! Was this not to be sweet revenge?

Then I thought perhaps what I was doing was not good. Maybe I was just using this man to get even. Well, men were all a holes really, probably even this one, so who cares and the fact that he's a freaking celebrity makes it's even better! I'll have my fun, my fling, let him think he's the conquering hero and then, make my exit.

But those eyes! A gal could fall in love with those eyes and the rest of the package wasn't bad either! Over six feet of pure masculinity, with boyish charm, good looks, and then there was that accent! Oh, that accent! It was like hot fudge being poured over cold ice cream! Scrumptious!

The door bell rang and I snapped back out of my fantasy. It was probably him! I'll let him ring it one more time, walk slowly to the door, check myself out in the mirror!

I poised my hand over the door knob and then peaked through the "peep hole". There he was! My heart leaped and I warned myself to keep calm, keep my emotions in check and never, never let him see me sweat! I opened the door.

He looked at me and then up and down, apraisingly, tilting that grin off to the left! Damn he was a sight!

"Hello. What can I do for you?" I asked when I really wanted to say, "damn, you're the most gorgeous man I've ever seen!"

"What COULDN'T you do for me, luv!" he said and slid his arms around my waist, pressing his pelvis against mine and staring in to my eyes. God, I wondered if he could see how old I was now in this stark lightness of day!

He gave me a quick kiss on my jaw and I could feel the unshaven scruff on his face. Then he put his arms around me tighter. He smelled wonderful!

"You ready?" he asked and his gaze panned the room.

"Ready as I'll ever be, I guess." I replied.

"You guess? You're not sure?" he said looking back in to my face.

I wished he wouldn't look at me so closely. Talking with my husband had brought me back down to reality and some realities I did not want to be brought back to.

"What's wrong?" he asked, his face drawing up slightly in concern. I'd never had a man be able to read my moods. This was new and I liked it!

"Oh, nothing. Just got a visit from an old "ghost". I replied. "Let's go, shall we?"

I grabbed my bag and out the door we went. As we walked down the corridor, he stopped at the elevator and pressed the button and looked back at me with an amused look. At first, I didn't catch on and then it hit me!

"I'd prefer to use the steps, if you don't mind." I said to him. "Besides, we're only three floors up. That's not much time."

"Oh, I don't know. It might be." he said with a wink. "Besides, there's always the "stop" button."

I started my descent down the stairs and he followed.

"Ah, come on! Let's use the lift! You're no fun." he complained.

We rounded the first landing at the bottom of the stairs and I picked up my pace.

"Where's the bloody fire?" he called to me almost a flight above.

I stole quickly down to the bottom and slipped under the landing. When he stepped down, I reached out and grabbed him and pulled him in to the darkened recesses underneath the stairs. I slid my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me, kissing him fully on the mouth. For some reason, I felt a freedom with this man! It was as if despite his social status and his supposed unattainability to the likes of someone like me, he was so approachable, so down to Earth, and it was almost as if he invited you in to him and his world and it was all OK!

He leaned back against the wall as if to settle in for the duration as I concentrated on providing the sexiest, most full bodied "snog" I could give him!

In the middle of that kiss, something happened! It seemed to always happen, that thing that takes you and catapults you in to some other diminsion or time. The playful snog then turned in to something else, something deeper and more meaningful without intention! I had to stop! The world was spinning out of control and I couldn't let this happen! I had to break the spell! I couldn't give him that power again or I would be lost!

Then as quickly, I grabbed his hand and ushered him through the door and in to the lobby.

"Number B13, please." I said to the valet attendent.

"Yes, m'am." he said and disappeared.

I was still holding his hand as we walked outside and when I turned to look at him, he was looking at me with a strange expression. He hadn't said a word since we emerged from the stairwell.

"What?" I asked him as I noticed the odd expression on his face.

He shook his head slightly as if to "shake" something off.

"Nothing! You never cease to amaze me! Just when I think I've got you figured out, you do something that completely throws me!" he commented.

"Well, hold that thought. The day's young." I told him as the sleek, black sports car roared up beside us.

We got in and with a jerk, he whipped out in to ongoing traffic, haphazardly merging in to a sea of yellow taxi's going up seventh, horns blowing, obscenities being hurled from the windows, and he seemed oblivious to it all. I scrambled to adjust my seat belt! I knew one thing for sure...he was a terrible driver!

"Whoa, big fella! Let me get safely secured before we launch!" I retorted over the loudening sounds of the city traffic.

We weaved and moved through traffic, running through almost red lights and before I knew it, we were in Columbus Circle and heading up Central Park West. We were close to his loft. I was still struggling with the stubborn seat belt!

"Where are we going?" I asked through the wind noise.

"To get the bikes." he said. "Don't you remember? We're going to take a bike ride today, among other things."

Oh yeah. The bikes. I started trying to remember when the last time I had been on a bike! I was going to either make a total fool of myself today or break my neck trying.

"You have one for me I take it?" I quered.

"Yes, I always keep a "guest" bike." he replied.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just for occasions such as these." he smiled.

He pulled up in front of the building in the same position that I had drove off the night before. He turned off the motor and reached across to me and took the still unfastened seatbelt out of my hand. He slipped it in to it's rightful position with an expert "click" and before I could utter a word, he leaned in to me and kissed me, long and passionately, almost trying to outdo the kiss I'd given him earlier. I was aware of people on the sidewalk staring as they walked past and someone let out a whistle.

I fought off the "feeling" again but so wanted to dissolve in to him! But I was sure that once I let myself go, crossed over that line, I'd be lost and life, as I had known it, would be changed forever. Which wouldn't really be so bad would it?

Every breath I took, I could smell him! He was all around me and every fiber of my body was on high alert! Just one touch was all it took really and that place, you know the one, up the middle of your spine, the little hairs tingling all the way up and then that warm, sensation on the back of your neck!

Kissing him was like quenching a long thirst after crossing a baren plain! I could have settled back in the plush luxury of the leather and let him have his way, right out in the open, broad daylight and I couldn't do a thing about it! I was totally at his mercy, strapped in tightly!

There was no doubt in my mind, that inspite of the bicycles, the depressing phone call earlier, my lousy birthday, and the fact I might get my heart broken or at the very least, my neck, this was going to be a day to remember! It would go down in the books and if it was just one day and perhaps one glorious night, so be it! I'd take that and walk away with the memories!

Yes, this would be one hell of a day! Something that may have to sustain me for the rest of my life because there was little to no chance of ever having it for a lifetime!

Look at it as a much deserved "belated" birthday present to myself.

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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:29 pm

"Excuse me", a voice cut through the moment. "EXCUSE ME!"

The voice had an obvious over tone of irritation.

I felt myself falling back to Earth as he and I looked in the direction of the exasperated voice. A woman stood there, beside the car, looking down at us. Her facial expression was one of pure disgust!

"Must we have to endure this kind of display in front of the building?" she asked.

"Are you opposed to displays of affection, Mrs. Wyatt?" he asked her with a charming look on his face.

"No, but you're crossing a thin line with me and this kind of vulgar escapade!" she retorted.

He quickly got out of the car and trotted around the front of it until he reached the woman. He took the small shopping cart from her hand and then wrapped one long, muscular arm about her frail shoulders and without missing a beat, planted a big one right on her lips! I sat in total hysterical delight and amazement and tried to hide my amusement.

Once the crotchety woman was free of him, she drew back, mumbling to herself and clammoring for the handle to her cart.

"You'll get no where with me, Mister!" she retorted but I could see a glint in her narrow eyes that had not been there before. "That might work with some females but not with this one! There's not been a moment's peace since you showed up here! I don't give a hoot in hell who you are or who you think you are! ACTORS! This used to be such a quiet, respectable place until you and.....what's his name and that other one too showed up! You're all alike! Spawned from the devil, I think! Why don't you all go back to Hollywood or wherever you came from and take your LDS or whatever you take there and leave us alone! I've been on this Earth too long for the likes of you......." her voice drifted off as she went off.

I clasped my hand over my mouth to stifle the urge to laugh uproarously.

"You know you want me, Mrs. Wyatt! How much longer are you going to make me wait?" he called after her with a sincerity that you might almost believe had it not been so outrageous.

"Who was that?" I asked him knowing it was probably a neighbor.

"Mrs. Wyatt, she lives in my building." he answered as he watched her go off down the street. "She's on the condo board."

"Oh, that's too bad. I don't think she likes you." I replied.

"It's a good thing she came along." he said turning his attention back to me. "I think I was starting to get a bit too, well, hot and bothered and involved and making a scene right here on the street right in front of her!"

"Saved by Mrs. Wyatt then!" I replied, now trying to undo the unruly seat belt.

Once free, he opened the car door and I stepped up on to the sidewalk. My knees were still a bit wobbly from that last kiss although I tried not to show it. Damn, I was not going to loose control of this situation! It would be too easy to give in and then once that happened, life as I knew it would be over, either for bad or good.

"Let's get the bikes then." he said grabbing me by the hand and leading me in to the building.

Once we were on the elevator and the doors shut, we moved upwards towards his loft. He backed himself in the opposite corner and stared at me with a gleem in his eyes. What was he thinking?

Oh no! I had forgotten! Suddenly we both lunged forward and jabbed at the control panel at the same time, scrambling for the "red button" he to stop it and I to stop him from stopping it. He would flip it and I would restart it until finally the elevator's hideaous buzzers and bells sung out in protest!

Finally, I put my body in front of the panel to block him as my hand felt for the start switch behind my back. Locating it, I flipped it up and the elevator started it's ascent, again, with a jerk. As it climbed one floor at a time, I kept my position fast against the board, he smiled and took a step towards me.

"I thought you wanted to "do it" in an elevator?" he asked, his face not two inches from my own.

"No, that was YOUR idea...wasn't it?" I asked him as I felt his breath on my face.

As he closed in for the kill, he softly replied, "and what about under the stairs?"

Then, the elevator stopped and the doors opened up and I slid away from him and in to the foyer. I mused at the thought that I never imagined I would be back here again so soon!

"I'll get the bikes and you can wait here if you feel safer." he suggested me in a wry tone in his voice.

It had been a while since I had ridden a bicycle. As we took off up the street, he stroked out a head of me, and I unsteadily tried to catch up to him. He rode out and in and through the traffic like a pro or a crazy person, I couldn't decide and I stayed close to the parked cars and curbs, concentrating on keeping my balance and ignoring the occasional honking from traffic at my lack of speed.

Once, I dangerously came close to running over a frightened man with a briefcase. He jogged back and forth precariously from one foot to another, trying to ascertain which way to dodge my approaching, wobbling front wheel before jumping aside at the last minute.

Finally, my riding companion noticed I was not keeping up with him and circled back around. This whole thing might have been a bad idea!

"Are you going to be alright?" he laughed.

"It's just been awhile and this traffic is nerve racking!" I complained.

"Just go with the flow!" he said, gesturing his hand out through the traffic. "We'll be in the park in ten minutes!"

"Ten minutes?" I exclaimed thinking about how long that was to endure this ride!

"Come on, you can do it!" he encouraged and with that, I began pumping the pedals for all I was worth, dragging along as best I could, throwing all concern for life and limb aside and I discovered that the more I pedaled, the better I got at it!

Soon, we were at the park and I felt I could relax some. He annoyingly kept getting way ahead of me and then circling back to me. What a show off! Finally, tired and exasperated, I dismounted and began walking along. I was not in the shape I thought I was! I was breathing like an old man! I had to find a bench and sit down. I felt somewhat embarrassed.

He leaned his bike up against a light pole and sat down next to me. As I sat there in my humiliation and fatigue, I felt him grasp my hand in his and give it a reassuring squeeze.

"I'm sorry." he apologized.

"For what?" I asked.

"For getting you so hot and out of breath. It's not what I had in mind." he replied with that look in his eyes. Oh Lord, those eyes!

"Oh? What DID you have in mind then?" I asked him taking a long drink from my bottle of water and trying to stay focused.

He leaned in to me, putting his mouth next to my ear and whispered softly,

"Getting you hot and breathless while lying in my arms!" he breathed.

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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:46 am

I think I want to grow up to be a grumpy old rich broad like Mrs Wyatt.

Ger, I'm enjoying the little introductions to side characters.
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:58 pm

Nay wrote:
I think I want to grow up to be a grumpy old rich broad like Mrs Wyatt.

Ger, I'm enjoying the little introductions to side characters.

Glad you're enjoying. To be continued.......

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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:57 pm

"Oh my God, is it you?" a female voice broke the moment.

Looking up, there are two young women standing now in front of the bench, staring down at him in wide eyed wonderment! I look at him as he pulls away from me and turns his attention to the two admirers. This was bound to happen.

"Why, who do you think I am?" he asked playfully.

"You're HIM, I knew it. I was just telling my friend that just two minutes ago!" she breathlessly exclaimed.

As he signed something the woman dug from her purse and the other one busied herself taking a picture with her cell phone, a small crowd started to gather. I felt somewhat awkward and uncomfortable as people began to stop and investigate what all the fuss was about. Another one squeezed herself in between us to get a picture with him and in the process, stepped on my foot!

Wincing in pain, I decided it was best to slide out of the way and hope a mob scene did not ensue. As I did so, I felt a hand grasp my arm and he leaned over to me.

"Why don't you ride back to the apartment. I'll meet you there." he whispered in my ear.

As I got up from the bench and found my way to my bike, a young woman boldly grasped my arm and blocked my way.

"Who are you, his Mom?" she asked in complete sincerity.

I just stared down at her without answering. I didn't know what to say! My thought was, "Come on, then, I'm maybe ten years older! That's not enough to look like his mother!"

I broke free of her hold with a insincere smile and began pushing my bike away from the crowd. I looked back and he was completely surrounded now and even though I felt like I should try to save him, I decided he probably knew the drill and it was best for me to retreat.

As I walked along, still limping from my crushed toe, I now considered I wasn't sure how to get back on my own. Perhaps I could retrace my steps but what if I got lost?

I walked on through the park pushing the bike and having no desire to ride it. My thighs and buttocks were already throbbing and not in a good way.

After about ten minutes, I stopped and realized that I was probably lost now and considered going back but I thought I'd heard a low rumble of thunder a moment ago and I didn't want to risk it. I continued to plod on and my nostrils picked up the scent of impending rain! Great! Just what I needed!

A light shower started to fall, first hitting the leaves of the trees and somewhat shielding me. It's amazing how quickly everyone in a park disperses just before a storm. Where did the all go? I found myself mostly alone now except for the occasional jogger sprinting past me.

The rumbles got louder and I quickened my steps until finally, I noticed the road through the park meeting up with a busy outer road. Was that Central Park West? Had I made it out of the park?

I quickened my pace and found myself at the intersection when suddenly a huge black SUV pulled up beside me, almost running me over! The tail gate popped open and raised slowly as a figure dashed around to where I was. I was being abducted! Oh God! “At least,” I mused, “the abductor has a nice ride!”
The mystery man grabbed my bike without a word and put it in the back of the SUV. I stood motionless thinking, "He just wanted the damn bike?"

It was beginning to pour now and as I stood speechless, watching my only mode of transportation getting stolen, one of the dark tinted windows slid down and a voice called out.

"Need a ride little girl"

Suddenly, rain was coming down as if someone had dumped a bucket of water over me! I couldn't see the owner of the voice but it sounded vaguely familiar. Then the door opened and I felt myself being pulled in to the vehicle.

Wet and confused, I looked at my captor.

"Hello there!" he said with a smile. "Why are you all wet?"

The car pulled off in to the rush hour traffic up Central Park West with a sudden jolt.

I glanced at the pair of eyes looking at me through the rear view mirror. They seemed amused.

"How did you find me?" I asked him. "And how did you get away from that mob so fast?"

"I have my ways." he replied and wrapped a blanket around my shoulders, holding me close to him.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine, just a little embarrassed.” I replied

"Don't be. Everyone gets lost in the park at some time in their life." he replied.

"No. I'm embarrassed because one of your fans thought I was your mother." I said.

He threw back his head with laughter.

"So what's so funny about that?" I asked him. "This is serious! I don't see the humor in it whatsoever!"

"You're so funny and so damn cute!" he said pulling me closer to him and as he did, he put his foot on a small button on the console and a dark window slid sideways, closing us off from the driver and my heart picked up it‘s pace

The back seat of the SUV was posh and comfortable, custom made no doubt. I didn't really mind my wet clothes. I was just happy to be out of the rain, no longer lost and not have to ride that wretched bike again.

He turned my face towards his and stared down in to my eyes smiling and as he did, I wanted to look away but I couldn't. His gaze left mine and he looked around over my face. Maybe he was seeing if what the fan said was true? I’m sure any makeup that I had on to hide the reality was long gone. Then he smiled again, pushed a strand of wet hair from my face with a finger and then raised my chin. I could feel his breath on my face and I closed my eyes and awaited the touch of his mouth on mine. My heart was pounding so hard that I thought I could actually hear it! He had a way of making me feel beautiful and young!

Just as I felt the warm softness of his lips gently press to mine...


I felt myself being knocked forward with such a force that I found myself sitting in the floor beside that console! He was leaning over me, bracing himself with his arms on the back of the seat with a bewildered look on his face.

"Bloody fooking hell!" he exclaimed suddenly. "Someone's rammed us from behind! Are you alright?"

I felt a little stunned but managed to right myself as he helped me back on to the seat. Luckily we had stopped at a light and were sitting still at the time. That didn’t negate the fact that I had a slight little twinge now in my back.

The driver got out, cursing in what seemed to be Spanish and walked toward the back of the car but before he did, he advised us to stay put.

"Well, it seems like we've had nothing but a day of interruptions." he exclaimed with a sigh. "It hasn’t been very much fun for you then, has it?"

"Well, that's the story of my life, I guess." I replied.

"And it's your birthday too. I feel like I need to make it up to you someway." he said.

"Nah, that's OK. It's not your fault." I replied.

There was a light tap on the window. It went down about five inches to accommodate the driver’s remark.

"Sir, we are going to have to wait here until the police arrive," the driver lamented through the window.

"Great! Thanks!" he said back and the window went back up. Even though we were in the middle of the street, in busy city traffic, the sounds and commotion outside were very well muted by those wonderful windows. I thought how we could probably just be stuck here for quite a while, alone, in the back seat of this vehicle and forget the world outside!

He had his phone to his ear.

“Get me out of here, again. We’re stuck here on Central Park West…”

He put his window down a bit and looked around.

“We’re in front of the Dakota, looks like.” he told the invisible voice. Then the call was over.

“We could always jump back on the bikes?” he told me with a playful glint in his eyes.

“No thank you!” I replied. “My butt’s numb enough, thanks!”

“So when was the last time you rode a bike?” he asked.

“So long ago, I don’t remember.” I admitted.

He laughed and squeezed my shoulders and even though the moment had been broken, once again, I would sit here, drenched to the bone, in the back of an SUV, with one of the most handsome, charming men on the planet, waiting for another ride. It wasn’t really such a bad day.

The rain seemed to have let up and off in the distance, the sounds of police sirens got closer. It was a common thing to hear this sound in New York City, but a little unnerving when you suspect it’s because of you!

Soon, we were surrounded by New York’s finest, black and white cars with their flashing blue and red lights. There was another tap on the window, this time on my side. I pressed the button.

“Ma’am, anyone hurt?” he asked looking in.

“I don’t think so.” I replied.

I noticed the expression on the cop’s face when he recognized my companion, but he said nothing. I was relieved. Where the heck was that other ride?

Then it happened. Before I could put the damned window back up, a passer by had looked in. I quickly tried to close off the outer world, but the button refused to raise the window!

“Hey, I know you!” exclaimed a guy with a backpack. He put his entire arm through the opening in the window, stretching it across my face, causing me to recoil back out of the way, to shake hands. I realized that being with this guy could be very dangerous!

Soon, word must have gone out and several people stood around my window looking in, sticking cells phones through, one dropped in my lap, snapping a picture as it fell. I scrambled to retrieve it and held it up for it’s owner to claim and as it was, I suggested, “you might want to delete that last picture”.

I pressed myself back against the seat as chaos ensued, once again, and this time I was captive, trapped between the adoring public and the object of their adoration!

There really wasn’t much he could do now and somehow, we needed to escape!

“Come on!” he said taking my hand. “I think our ride is here!”

I gratefully followed him through the opposite door on the street side, hoping he wasn’t leading us in to traffic and expecting that we would soon be in yet another car, but, by the time I had gathered my wits about me, I realized I was being pulled in to one of those damn Pedicab, rickshaw things and off we went up the street in to traffic, leaving the injured SUV, it’s poor driver, our bikes, the police, and the frenzied mob behind. Miraculously, they never even saw us make our escape the other way and we were gone even before anyone noticed how we had left!

It was a bit chilly now, having wet clothes on and being exposed as we were in the pedicab. He leaned forward and told the driver where to take us and it’s amazing how fast those things can move through traffic and how they can go where a regular taxi can’t!

After several blocks of this ride from hell, through the wet streets, the sounds of rain wet pavement being carved by tires and the spray from it more than once showering over us, the pedicab pulled to a curb.

“This is where we get out.” he said to me and we exited. He handed the driver a bill and by the man’s expression and loud, “Thank you, sir!” in what sounded like a Romanian accent, it must have been a huge amount and then we found our way over to the sidewalk.

I wasn’t sure where we were and I trusted that he knew. Then, in a moment, another car pulled up suddenly and he opened the back door for me. I slid in and he followed and before I knew it, we were back in traffic.

I noticed a young woman was behind the wheel and she didn’t look happy.

"Where the hell have you been all day?” she asked shooting a menacing stare in to the rearview mirror at him.

“Out.” he said shortly and then looked at me and winked.

“Ok. Well, I haven’t been able to get a hold of you and you know how much I hate it when I can’t get a hold of you!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, you’ve told me that before.” he answered.

“And, I’m sorry, but who are you?” her icy gaze fell on me and sent a quick chill up my already shivering spine.

“Uh….” was all I managed before he interrupted.

“I was just giving her a ride. I was in the park, riding my bike and she was lost and it started raining….”

“Hmm, uh huh! Why don’t I believe you?” she asked smirking.

“Well, it’s the truth, in fact, our bikes are back there in a wrecked SUV, so think you could retrieve them?” he asked her.

“Wha….” then she started mumbling to herself as she turned a corner and then pulled in to a parking garage.

We went deeper in to the dark garage until finally she pulled the car up to an elevator. She threw it up in park and then turned on the both of us.

“Listen to me. You’ve got a press junket at five o’clock tonight at the Waldorf. Then a photo shoot afterwards and that party thing, remember?” she asked getting more exasperated by the moment. "Then tomorrow you've got to me in LA...."

“Alright, boss!” he exclaimed as we got out.

“Don’t be late!” she shouted after and then she sped off, her tires screeching away as she left us. He had not had the opportunity to introduce me to the young woman and I was a bit put off that he had not. Was this a common occurrence for him and I just one more of his "dates"?

We stood in the dimness of the garage in front of what looked to be a freight elevator doors. He pressed a button and then looked at me with a sly grin.

“Guess what this is?” he said with that look in his eyes.

“What?” I asked still not catching on.

“The perfect ending to that of a not so perfect day, I‘d say!” he said and wrapped his arm around me giving me a squeeze.

The elevator stopped, the outer doors slid back and he pushed the steel grates aside effortlessly with his strong arms. He then gestured me to enter the large, darkened space and then it hit me! Oh no! How would I get out of this?

I took a deep breath and stepped inside. He followed me and then pulled the steel grate closed, slamming it with a force that caused it to echo throughout the parking garage. I watched as what little light from the garage was squeezed out by the closing doors. The elevator was lit by one lone amber colored bulb.

He flipped a switch on the panel with what I hoped was to take the elevator to it’s destination. Instead, the thing went up a few feet maybe and stopped, silently sitting there.

"Doesn't anyone ever take the stairs anymore?" I asked trying to detract from the impending situation.

"You don't want to walk up nine flights do you?" he asked stepping closer to me. "You'll be too exhausted to engage in more important activities."

I felt him slip his arms around me and pull me in to his body. Was I going to have to make good my earlier comments? He held me tightly and raising my face up to his, I could barely make out his features in the amber glow.

“Well, here we are.” he said softly.

I swallowed hard and I’m sure he heard the audible gulp. What will I do now?
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:59 pm

You've done it again, Ger. Dammit, I am supposed to be working! Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:05 pm

Geranimal wrote:
I swallowed hard and I’m sure he heard the audible gulp. What will I do now?

Leaning back slightly, I raised my hand and slapped his cheek with a last minute twist designed to hit his romanesque nose.

"Hummfph! I'm a virtuous woman and not the easy sort you're obviously used to!"
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:12 pm

"Spank me, please?"

Sorry, another fantasy got entwined with this one.

Please, carry on........
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:21 am

"Mop up in aisle 4!" lol!
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Elevator Doesn't Go Up to the Top Floor

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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:35 pm

Nay wrote:
Geranimal wrote:
I swallowed hard and I’m sure he heard the audible gulp. What will I do now?

Leaning back slightly, I raised my hand and slapped his cheek with a last minute twist designed to hit his romanesque nose.

"Hummfph! I'm a virtuous woman and not the easy sort you're obviously used to!"

My thoughts and imagination were running away with me! I was now conjuring up actions to take and then foretelling the response that it might provoke from him in a split second! Virtuous would be the last thing he’d think by his experience with me, if I tried that ploy, his spontaneous ability to lead me further in to some other level of “play” might just backfire on me yet again.

Instead, I decided it best to just yield to him now and quit playing this game and perhaps if nothing else, as this day seemed to be going, another interruption would most likely occur anyway.

At this point, one might be asking why I would be so hesitant to “engage” in any type of sexual romp, especially with this man! There are many reasons, really. One might be that it is too early in the relationship, even though there really isn’t any indication of one existing at the moment and perhaps I should take what I can get and leave it at that or, two, maybe it’s because I’m a bit nervous of the outcome as it has been quite a while since, well you know, since I even had a romp with anyone! There! It’s out! The ugly truth!

I decided to let down my guard and enjoy it! Why not see where just a kiss might lead us.

I felt his breath on my face as his mouth covered mine. I slipped my arms around his strong neck and it reminded me of when I was a kid, wrapping my arms up around a huge tree branch to pull myself up and hang there. I felt the soft hair on the back of his neck in my fingers and when I did, he moaned softly, like someone might do at the taste of something delicious and then, he kissed me even harder! Here then came that infamous “kiss” I had always heard so much about! That next level! I was glad I didn’t have any gum in my mouth! I had remembered that I had read somewhere that this type of kissing helped remove plaque!

I could feel my defenses falling! Any anecdotal thought processes were fading now and I tried to allow myself to just ....get in to it.

He was such a wonderful kisser and I didn’t know what I was so afraid of other then maybe those things I mentioned and a really big one, the grave possibility of getting my heart broken! This could be oh so good and then, again, it could be oh so very bad!

I could barely think, at the moment, but my minds usual racing began to slow and give way to an almost peaceful, mindless bliss of surreality, if that is a word! For a moment, he stopped, just long enough to whisper, "relax".

How the hell could I do that? But I would try, so I begin to think about him having complete control over me and I couldn't move. I felt myself falling as if in a dream! I must have slightly gone limp as he clutched me harder almost picking me up in his arms! I couldn’t breath! This wasn’t happening! But it was going to happen and maybe right here in this freight elevator!

The smell of him, the sound of his breathing, the wonderful, over powering grasp he had on me, was all around me, pulling me under like a warm tide! My mind, body and soul was his! There was nothing else in the world right now except the two of us, in this elevator, the little amber light glowing, us hidden from the world somewhere in this building, the shear excitement of perhaps being caught to add to the moment, intensified each touch, each movement of our bodies.

Then his mouth moved to my jaw and down to my neck, his fingers fumbled with the buttons at the top of my shirt, undoing one, then another as he traced his kiss down along my neck to my shoulder.

I finally let out the breath I had been holding and I’m sure, transmitted a nonverbal message of welcome to him and he was picking up on it quite nicely!

I grasped his face in my hands and pulled him back to my mouth and reciprocated his kiss when suddenly....

The sound was deafening! It was the loudest, most hideous noise I had ever heard in my life and we both broke our clutches to cover our ears!

“What the heck is that?” I called out barely over the pulsating racket.

“The fooking emergency buzzer!” he said and he flipped the lever again and the elevator started moving, I think down this time.

“Someone wants the lift.” he panted with disappointment in his voice.

As we descended, the elevator finally slowed to a stop and the doors opened as we both tried to maintain some kind of normalcy and readjustment of askew clothing. A huge, burley man grabbed the iron grates and pulled them back and then was start;ed at what he found. Behind him was a flat bed dolly loaded with boxes.

“Sorry, but we need to take this up and I’ll send it back down.” he told the burley guy who just nodded and backed away without a word.

We went up in silence now, again another moment foiled, until the elevator stopped and we got out in a small foyer. He briskly punched a rapid succession of keys on a security pad beside a plain door and when it buzzed and flashed a little green light, he pushed it open and beckoned me inside. This was obviously a back sneak door. We crossed through what appeared to be a laundry room and then in to the kitchen. He flipped on the light and immediately opened the fridge door.

For a guy, he sure could pop in and out of the moment pretty fast!

“Want a Coke?” he asked over his shoulder.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Why don’t you go take off those wet clothes.” he said rather matter of fact, handing me the soft drink after opening it for me.

“I trust you know where the bathroom is?” he said popping open his own drink and taking a gulp.

I did and once again, I found may way up the stairs and in to the familiar surroundings of his bedroom. Here I was in this room yet again! The first time I was here, I knew that once I left, I probably wouldn’t be back here again, ever! Yet, here I was!

The bed was unmade and I walked in to the bathroom and flipped on the light. The sight I saw in the mirror made me gasp! Now what? I was going to be back in the robe, looking like a drowned rat, yet again! How did I keep ending up here in this condition? I had so looked forward to a nice day out! Also, I had not brought my purse with me because I had thought, in the back of my naive mind, that I would be deposited back at my condo at the end of the day. What was I thinking?

My knees were actually shaking a bit from that kiss, albeit interrupted.

I took off the wet clothes and put on the robe and gathered them to take to that dryer we passed a while ago. On my way there, I did not see him. I walked past the kitchen area, only in the robe and bare feet, and entered the laundry room. I put the clothes in the machine and found the correct buttons. The clothes happily started to flop around in their warm, dry environment.

I walked across the apartment to the window and looked down on the street below and what I saw, caused me to draw a gasp and laugh! I covered my mouth with my hand.

“What’s so funny?” I heard him say from somewhere behind me.

“Oh nothing really. Just something I saw on the street.” I told him taking a sip of my Coke.

“Let me see then.” he said, coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist, kissing the back of my head and then looking over my shoulder, through the rain streaked window to the street below.
I waited with mild amused anticipation for what he saw to sink in.

“Oh bloody fooking hell!” he said and sprinted off across the room.

I perched myself on the window ledge, sipping my soft drink and watched below and after a moment, he appeared on the street, in a frantic flight, to quickly put the top up on his expensive sports car!

What a sight! He sprung over the car door, landing in the no doubt wet seat and after several attempts to get the car started, wipers flapping wildly, alarm sounding off and the headlights flashing, attracting the surprised attention of anyone walking by, I found myself doubling over from the shear, comical relief of it!

Finally, the top slowly rose and closed over and by this time, my eyes were so full of tears from laughing, that I couldn’t see anymore! In fact, I was laughing so hard, my back was hurting! I couldn’t wait until he came back so I could tease him!

After a few moments, he re-entered the apartment, drenched again, tossing the keys down on the counter with a loud clank and standing there with his hands on his hips, panting from the fact that he ran down and then up again, nine floors! I laughed out loud!

“Oh, you think this funny?” he said, trying to hold back his own laughter.

He walked slowly towards me, all the while, unbuttoning his shirt as he came, removing it and letting it drop to the floor in a wet heap. I found myself sobering up. He sure did get “turned on” by the damnedest things! His body glistened with the wet from the rain soaked shirt and he looked, I might add, magnificent! I gasped!

“I’ll have to teach you not to laugh at my pain and suffering then, won’t I?” he said closing in on me, taking the cola can from my hand and reaching for the ties on the robe. I took in a big breath of air as I focused on a single drop of rain, trailing down his forehead from his hairline and drop from his eyelash to his cheek, continuing it‘s way downward to his jaw. Lucky little droplet!

Suddenly, I felt his fingers dig in to my ribs and I doubled over, gasping !

“Ah ha! Ticklish! I knew it!” he exclaimed as he continued.

“Stop or I’ll pee my pants!” I tried to yell.

“You can’t, you’re not wearing any!” he laughed.

I tried to push him away and as I did, the ties worked their way loose and the robe fell open and because of it’s size and weight, it just dropped off to the floor! Oh my God! He suddenly stopped and stood staring directly in to my eyes! I waited for eyes to drop down as I was now vulnerable and exposed and could do nothing about it! He had his opportunity to do what he wished, but he didn’t! He didn’t even look at anything other than my face! Was he afraid of what he would see or had he not been expecting that to happen and was he just being a gentleman or waiting for some invitation?

We stood in silence and I felt him press gently up against me, ever so slowly and as he did, I could feel his wet, warm skin against mine and he slid his hands around me! I felt a sudden jolt and knew what it was!

“Oh my God!” I suddenly cried out!

He pulled back and it was obvious that this exclamation on my part was not from the throes of ecstasy but from searing, gripping pain!

“What happened?” he exclaimed taking a step away from me but his eyes never ventured any further than my face!

“It’s my back! It’s in a horrible spasm!” I retorted, not able to move.
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Ger, you're such a tease! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:35 am

Yeah yeah, pull the old "Crook back so no nookie tonight" routine why don't you.
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:05 pm

Geranimal wrote:
“It’s my back! It’s in a horrible spasm!” I retorted, not able to move.
I'm having childbirth flashbacks.
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:02 pm

Childbirth flashbacks, Julie?

Well, I suppose you do know that St Gerard is patron saint for women in childbirth ... ironic I know.
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin   Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:13 am

Yes, I know about St. Gerard.

The worst back pain I ever had was during contractions, waiting for my anesthesiologist to get the hell back to my room.
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Round Robin
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