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PostSubject: BOSS BOTTLED IN COPENHAGEN   Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:50 am

Beautiful pictures at link:

February 24, 2016 | Collaborations, Places

It’s 10:40 AM on February 4th, and I have just landed in Copenhagen, a city that’s been on my mind since pretty much forever, a place that some of the happiest, most satisfied people on Earth call their home, and a capital that exhales design in every shape, size and form.

“What’s the purpose of this visit” a woman asked at passport control.

“Oh, you know, the usual, hanging out with Gerard Butler (!!!) and Hugo Boss Perfumes at their Boss Bottled event.”

Permission to enter the country granted, and with that specific smile that only this guy can bring about in a girl.

I picked up my bags and made an official entrance into Denmark and onto a couple of days that were about to be remembered forever.

Twenty minutes later, I was checking in at SKT Petri, and forty minutes later I was strolling through the streets of a city that was spellbinding me more and more with every turn I took. Everything, and I mean everything, was just as it ought to be. Clothes to die for in stores to droll over, perfect cappuccinos, exquisite cocktails, organic, eco-friendly objects of deliciousness, effortlessly cool people, and that slightly melancholic shade of gray in the skies that is actually making you feel incredible inside.

Twenty hours, a message, and a knock on the door later, I was looking over my agenda for the day. Breakfast at the Hugo Boss store with Gerard Butler, #ManOfToday, and Lewis Peacock, Fragrance Expert at P&G Prestige. Interviews at Hotel D’Angleterre. Lunch at SKT Petri. Gerard appearance at Magasin du Nord. Social event with Gerard at D’Angleterre. Check, check, check, check and check.

Now what to wear? A velvet Markov blazer dress, Zara kitten heel over-the-knee booties, my beloved Canon camera, a ponytail, and off we go.

Next thing I know, I’m sipping Mimosas at the Hugo Boss store, chatting about the impossibility of having an appetite around Mr. Butler, and waiting for a perfume tasting session with Mr. Peacock. At the gorgeous second floor of the store, we sat down and enjoyed sniffing the four divine levels of the Boss Bottled perfume, discussed the rose as a hidden, unexpected ingredient that is completely atypical for men’s fragrances but creates a lovely balance in this particular case, talked about the initial inspiration to epitomize the beautiful silhouette of the Hugo Boss suit in a bottle of perfume, and conversed about the qualities that make a man of the present a true man.

And then, the #ManOfToday himself showed up on stage, immediately filling the room with refined masculinity and pure sophistication, and modestly explaining that it is a real honor to be the face of a fragrance that has been a true classic for the past 15 years.

Fast forward about thirty minutes, and we’re at the stunning Hotel D’Angleterre, sipping champagne and conducting interviews that appear to be closer to casually luxurious afternoon talks over drinks. A few snaps of the jaw-dropping lobby, and we’re on our way back to SKT Petri for lunch at the beautiful Central Kitchen, set in the grand room of the hotel. Fueled up and ready, we make our way to Magasin du Nord where about a thousand people are waiting to snap a photo with the man. The effect that he has becomes even more apparent, and we decide that it’s best to grab one of those delicious cappuccinos that I mentioned earlier, and prepare for the social event back at the D’Angleterre and for another hangout with the man of that and every day.

With a fusion of some more champagne, the lovely Boss Bottled scent, and Mr. Gerard Butler all suited up like a (Hugo) Boss, we were slowly moving toward the end of the surreally beautiful day. Another snap with the gentleman, and we were on our way to a cocktail finale, spiced up with a recap of all that had happened that day.

And that was the intriguing end of a magical day that passed by with one single problem – it didn’t last longer. But that always happens with the best things in life. They go by so fast.

Photos by Jovana Zuka | In collaboration with Elixir Exclusive Perfumeries

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