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  Chasing Gerard Butler ...

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PostSubject: Chasing Gerard Butler ...   Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:38 am

Translated from link:

Chasing Gerard Butler ...

I did not believe it but it was true ... I had become one of the lucky few journalists to meet one of my favorite actors, Gerard Butler. Scottish actor 46 years we were surprised as #ManofToday and ambassador of fragrance Boss Bottled Hugo Boss enlivening a feast that even the famous left indifferent ... and us (yes girls), has dedicated us a salute with his implacable laughter that makes him a contemporary sex symbol. That was our meeting!

These days in the drafting had cakes to go to meet the handsome actor Gerard Butler (dare we say it meets the canon of the 7 heads of Michelangelo for David ) and fell to me on merit and do not recognize ( and Gerard can not hear me) I'm a fan of his films and career as a lawyer, musician, products and actor, especially the latter artistic side of him with triumphs and awakens passions (he himself has acknowledged on many occasions the success that has with women) and certainly (and although I am committed happily) and no one can resist its charms ...

The appointment was in Hotel Eurobuilding in Madrid and a meet & greet exclusive where Gerard Butler before posing in the photocall gave us the best smile in his busy schedule (she arrived an hour and a half later) but the occasion warrants. He has only had time to go out to dinner in the capital and attending endless appointments and had planned but we are satisfied with that because the actor is not to and had a minute to send even a kiss through the cameras. Did you not had let all afternoon so that you dedicate a wink of eye the sexiest guy?

In our meeting acknowledged that he did not know well Spain but has been repeatedly passing through here but loves and confessed that a true fan of football and declaring Real Madrid (especially of Sergio Ramos , who believes it is a brilliant guy and very cool ).

When asked about his best tricks when it comes to seducing a woman and find love (it seems that never comes ... apparently are attributed 300 conquests in honor of his film) as #ManofToday of Hugo Boss he confessed that he is "a feeling, a special connection" . And as a fan of fragrances, he acknowledged that crazy about "the smell of burning wood" as a Scot when choosing perfume.

It also feels a real fan of his work and everything he does trying to have a good time in his life as he himself confessed, and feel a deep respect for how he is and how you can influence others his new role as man today (for us will always be Leonidas).

And after that one while with Gerard Butler we will pursue to enjoy the party with him as an ambassador for the fragrance and attended by many familiar faces ... Do not miss our video because it was great!

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Chasing Gerard Butler ...
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