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 The day I met Gerard Butler, the leading man of the film PS I Love You Artists behavior

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PostSubject: The day I met Gerard Butler, the leading man of the film PS I Love You Artists behavior   Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:32 pm

Translated from here:

The day I met Gerard Butler, the leading man of the film PS I Love You
Artists behavior

By Renata Poskus Vaz

We think that, after adolescence, never will give piti, crazed squeals let alone have an acute crush to come across some celebrity. Yes, I thought so, until you know that Gerard Butler would come to São Paulo to record the commercial Fastback Focus, Ford.

A crush on him began in 2004, when it premiered the film The Phantom of the Opera. As the protagonist, he sang, he played and tore sighs.

Years later, I dated a guy for who I was madly in love, no eyes for anyone else until the film premiered 300. Imagine, 300 abdomen of men out, led by a strong Spartan King, delicinha and fearless, Gerard Butler . hihihihi ... was get the film 300 that I forgot the boyfriend! hahahaha

Then, to screw up once my love life and further narrow my platonic bonds by Gerard Butler, hit theaters the film PS I Love You, which he starred. In the story, he, the good guy dies in the beginning. But as he had a fatal disease, she prepared beautiful surprises for the woman, who would only be revealed after his death, with the help of friends. You know those movies playing you in the face you'll never be loved intensely by anyone? So kkkkk. Then you channel all your love by Gerard. After all, he plays so realistically, it is impossible not to have in it a little of your character. hihihihihi

Plim Plim. Okay, now let's get back to our normal schedule. I was at the press conference launching the Focus Fastback, Ford, when the Director Mkt said Ford would bring the cat, heartthrob, delicinha Gerard Butler for Brazil, for the advertising campaign. I then shouted: "wow, invites me, do not even need food." hihihi .... Everyone laughed. I got the red pepper face.

Then came the date of Gerard Butler arriving in Brazil and I never imagined I could meet him in person. In fact, I not have the heart to ask directly for someone spokesperson for the possibility of this meeting happen. Until I got a call this afternoon I had 30 minutes to arrive at the Hotel Emiliano, on Oscar Freire Street, if I wanted to meet him.

And I flew there. On the way, he was rehearsing what he would do when he was in front of him. I'd declared me cry, give piti ... I would scream like there's no tomorrow! But when it came my turn to enter the room, I like a girl in love before his first love, I felt ashamed. I could not look him in the eyes, do you? I was still. I simply observe him and greet him in Portuguese. I hugged him for this photo. I thanked him. I left. So, within minutes, as a sweet and short blast but striking (damn, as'm corny, right? Kkkk is Love)

It is much more beautiful in person. Polite, gentle ... A man's dream.

I knew that the press office sent a list of vehicles, websites and blogs who wanted an interview / photo with him and that mine was one of the few approved. I was very honored!

Thanks to Ford Brazil for this moment I will never forget.

Now, so I die happy, missing only know Jeffrey Dean Morgan. hahahaha

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The day I met Gerard Butler, the leading man of the film PS I Love You Artists behavior
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