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 Gerard Butler: The man of today

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PostSubject: Gerard Butler: The man of today   Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:59 am

Translated from here:

Gerard Butler: The man of today

Gerard Butler is the new ambassador of the perfume BOSS BOTTLED. Our writer had the pleasure to interview the actor, in London, at the unveiling of the new advertising campaign.

Gerard Butler gave interviews for 10 h in the morning. When I had access to the penthouse he occupied the top floor of a posh hotel in the heart of London, it was 17 hours. I was afraid he is tired or bored just always answer the same questions.

When the door of the suite opened, Gerard Butler appeared smiling, polite, and his handshake was firm. An assistant introduced me: my name and my city. Montreal. And that's when everything changed.

Gerard Butler longer supported in our handshake that was about to end. The eyes of the star, piercing blue already, lit up. And his smile, pure white, has grown naturally. Without being forced. "I love Montreal. »

I did as if nothing had happened, but his manly handshake began to crush mine. Seeing before me, charismatic, smiling, masculine, large (1.88 m), with a perfect body ... and exceptional physical strength, I understood why Gerard Butler became a film actor Action. I also understood why he had become a star.

Once seated, the Scottish-born actor began to share his memories and impressions on the Quebec metropolis. Butler made two films with us: Timeline and 300. "Montreal is such a cool city. A perfect blend between Europe and America. Few people know it, but I lived Montreal when I was very young. I arrived at the age of six months. But I have no memories of that period. If memory serves, we returned to live in Scotland when I was two years. »

Gerard Butler admits also have appreciated being able to walk (almost) anonymously in the streets of the city. "I really had a lot of fun in Montreal, and I spent many memorable evenings, he laughs. I also had time to explore the different neighborhoods. For the filming of Timeline, I stayed five months. I hope to return soon. »

Butler and BOSS

The very manly Gerard Butler, ambassador of a perfume? Even the main person admits that he has long been believed that such association was not for him. Until the perfume BOSS knocking on his door to ask him to become the ambassador of BOSS BOTTLED , a breath created 16 years ago and now become a classic.

"I have often suggested that partnership, but there was always something wrong. Each time, I felt that it was not a natural union. For me, it was the perfume and brand stick perfectly to my image action movie actor. Hugo Boss BOSS BOTTLED and everything is there for me. First, because I have a long and strong relationship with the brand. We have often worked together, for the first or events. And secondly, I love their clothes. They are both modern and classic. A bit like me. And they fit me too! »

On this point, we have no trouble believing. The 45 year-old actor is in incredible shape. Gerard Butler has just finished shooting his next big action movie, God of Egypt, which is scheduled for release in February 2016.

The actor admits that although the film is completed, his body still shows the intense efforts before and during the shoot. "I train every day, and even between shots. There is always a gym next to the decorations. I also like to play sports in the early morning, before the shooting, even cut the hours of sleep. It helps me to put me in a state of stress, but also strength and power. »

For him, this is the perfect energy to turn a good action scene. "All that eventually appear in my eyes, in the posture of my body, and thus on the screen," he says.

BOSS BOTTLED: Modern Classic

The world of perfumes is fascinating, and Will Andrews, senior scientist of the creative team at Procter & Gamble Fragrance is passionate about his work. This is P & G, which ensures the development of BOSS fragrances. In an interview for the launch of the new campaign, Will Andrews is quick to make us feel different scents that have made the success of BOSS BOTTLED. At the time of its creation in 1998, very masculine scent was quite original, even ambitious.

"We were in a time when men's fragrances were rather cool. There is still a little overdone on the trend of unisex scent recalls Will Andrews. Not only BOSS BOTTLED was very virile and masculine, but it also contained vanilla, rare at the time for a men's fragrance. »

And it's not just vanilla that surprises in the list of "ingredients" of the now legendary juice. The heart of the fragrance is composed of vanilla, apple and cinnamon. When one mentions Will Andrews that amalgam can do "Christmas", the scientist smiled.

"For you, yes. For the German team behind the brand Hugo Boss, it reminds apple strudel. In one case as in the other, the smell is comforting. Is the final perfume smells Christmas strudel? I Do Not. But our brain detects the subtle odor reminiscent memories. And smell like it. »

It is true that for the common man, the three notes are hardly noticeable breathing in the scent, as they have been expertly blended with dozens of other fresh and woody species. And the result is certainly very masculine.

After 16 years on the market, BOSS BOTTLED increased from modern to classic. But how does one create a "classic"? Will Andrews smiled again. "There is no magic formula. Only time can tell us if it was successful. But an excellent juice will cross the times. In the case of BOSS BOTTLED, I think we won our bet. "

In collaboration with the XY Magazine

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Gerard Butler: The man of today
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