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 PICTURED: Helicopter makes a dramatic landing at Somerset House as Gerard Butler continues filming his new movie London Has Fallen

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PostSubject: PICTURED: Helicopter makes a dramatic landing at Somerset House as Gerard Butler continues filming his new movie London Has Fallen    Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:12 pm

Pics at link:

PICTURED: Helicopter makes a dramatic landing at Somerset House as Gerard Butler continues filming his new movie London Has Fallen

By Joanna Crawley For Mailonline

The first movie saw Washington DC's most famous landmarks destroyed, and for the follow-up to Olympus Has Fallen, London is in the spotlight.

London Has Fallen's cast and crew decamped to one of the capital's most stunning buildings, Somerset House, to shoot some action-packed scenes.

A helicopter made an expert landing in the courtyard of the stately building, which is normally host to the likes of London Fashion Week and summer film screenings.

Action! A helicopter lands in the courtyard of London's Somerset House as shooting for the follow-up to 2013's Olympus has Fallen continues in the capital

The green and white helicopter hovered over the courtyard which was packed with cast and crew members before landing in the winter sunshine.

Whilst there was no sign of leading men Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart on set, other cast members were spotted shooting in military uniforms and dark suits, as a fleet of limos and police cars also drove into the square.

Gerard and Aaron reprise their roles from the 2013 box office hit, with Butler playing secret service agent Mike Banning and Eckhart back as President of the United States Benjamin Asher.

Expert landing: The pilot touched down in the square which was full of cast and crew members hard at work on the Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart- starring film

Location location location: One of London's most famous buildings was chosen as the grand setting for a key scene in the action film

Military operation: Cast members in uniform and black suits were spotted getting their make-up done as they prepared to shoot

The story picks up in London, at the funeral of the British Prime Minister, who has passed away under mysterious circumstances.

The world's leaders have gathered in the capital for the funeral service, but just like the first film things don't go to plan when the gathering becomes the target of terrorists looking to kill all those in attendance.

It's up to Eckhart's President Asher, his formidable Secret Service head Banning and a British MI-6 agent to save the day.
Action-packed set: The Somerset House courtyard normally plays host to London Fashion Week and film screenings

Quite the view: Anyone in the surrounding buildings enjoyed an eventful day as the filming took place

Other returning cast members include Morgan Freeman, as Vice President Trumbull, Angela Bassett, as Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs, and Melissa Leo as Defense Secretary Ruth McMillan.

Gerard and Aaron were spotted shooting scenes in another London location last week, already looking bloodied and bruised as they got back into character.

The shoot kicked off in the UK last October, before taking a break over the Christmas period, and starting up again last month.

Fredrik Bond was set to direct the action-packed sequel but he left the project reportedly due to creative differences.

New city, same problems: This time the action has moved from Washington DC to London as the storyline picks up after the events of the first film which hit cinemas in 2013

Hollywood invasion: A fleet of cars were also parked up in the courtyard as director Babak Najafi coordinated the shoot

Huge operation: Cast members dressed in police uniforms carried guns as a huge group of extras were drafted in for the scenes

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bond quit London Has Fallen because the production schedule was moved up leaving not enough time for him to prep.

Babak Najafi stepped into the director's slot to replace Bond, having impressed with his 2010 Berlin Film Festival debut Sebbe and Easy Money II: Hard To Kill.

Najafi and his team will be hoping the sequel matches the big ticket sales of the first film which made a total of over $161 million at the global box office two years ago.

London Has Fallen will arrive in theatres on October 2nd, 2015.

So far, so safe: The synopsis for the film promises that some of London's most famous landmarks will be destroyed as Gerard Butler's secret service agent is called into battle again

Quick break: Cast members were spotted enjoying the sunshine as they chatted in between scenes

Chilly: The cast and crew were wrapped up warm as they spent the whole day outdoors filming the tricky scenes

Perfect touchdown: A huge crowd looked on as the helicopter took centre stage in the beautiful surroundings

Ready for a close-up: Make-up artists were on hand to make sure every detail was perfect before the cameras started rolling

Police presence: Extras dressed as armed policeman and cast members in military uniform milled around the courtyard
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PICTURED: Helicopter makes a dramatic landing at Somerset House as Gerard Butler continues filming his new movie London Has Fallen
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