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 Gerard Butler: talented, with a great sense of humor

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PostSubject: Gerard Butler: talented, with a great sense of humor   Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:50 am

Translated from here:

Gerard Butler: talented, with a great sense of humor
AUTHOR: Rocio Flores Tapia

Irish actor spoke exclusively to Vanity about his career in Hollywood as a model for Hugo Boss

Before conquering the big screen, the actor who was born 44 years ago in Scotland planned to become a lawyer; but at the end of his law, fate led him to change the laws for cinema.

To pursue his dream, at age 30 he moved to California, and thanks to his talent and dedication, has had a path full of successes. London Has Fallen, Geostorm and Gods of Egyptson are the films in which we will see in the future but these releases as they arrive, Gerard continues to captivate in and out of the cinema, and has now become the new face of Boss Bottled, masculine fragrance of Hugo Boss.

The signature campaign is based on the Man of Today concept and proposes a new perspective on masculinity, referring to a modern man that blends traditional and modern attributes such as chivalry, courage, confidence and passion, while side kindness, empathy or contact with emotions. All these qualities describe the actor to the letter, who in his profession and life meets the concept in its entirety.

To learn more about Gerard, interviewed him in the suite of glamorous London hotel where he stayed on the presentation of the campaign, and it was not surprising that he looked as handsome as in his films. Seeing it is easy to understand why so many women fantasize about him: he's handsome, has a manly voice and a good scorpion, her look is intriguing and captivating. But beyond his physical attributes, has a special charm exudes from the outset sympathy and humor. "I love my work and attempt to have fun in everything I do. The motivation and dedication are part of who I am, but I also think it is essential to think and care about others," he said.

What does it mean to you to be the new ambassador for the fragrance Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss?
Becoming image of perfume as a luxury brand Hugo Boss is a compliment and I'm excited to be part of it. I have always admired the values ​​of the firm; for example, the mixture of classic and modern, because that is precisely what I try to instill in my style. This fragrance captures the essence of sophistication that can be used in everyday life. The concept of the Man of Today campaign is very inspiring, because it is not only a good product, but behind it is of great significance that speaks of manhood, strength, perseverance, but also of being in touch with emotions and being kind to others . It has a holistic and open to success in all aspects sense. I think many people can identify with the idea of Man of Today and be the one to represent you is an honor.

How your personality is reflected in this fragrance?
Good question! (Laughs). I would say in masculinity, because I have always considered a strong, masculine man. Also on freshness, because that is a facet of my life that I have very developed, but I am also an adventurer in every sense. As in my career I can be multidisciplinary, personally I am strong and fun; I do the same thing an innocent joke, to be the advocate of a cause, or climb on a motorcycle in the Himalayas. I always get into adventures. This is how my personality is reflected in the fragrance mix in confidence, success and fun.

What values ​​have you brought to Hollywood?
Just me (laughs). Seriously, it may seem strange, but when I got to Hollywood I realized that much of my values ​​coincided with the environment: excitement, optimism and enthusiasm ... I had my history of Scotland as masculinity, overflowing energy, a particular mood, but also in harmony with what is sought in the American actor, so I plugged in different areas and genres of cinema. So I can go from action to drama or comedy without any problem. All of this also has to do with the Man of Today concept because people today are multifaceted. Before there were so many options and you have to follow your father's footsteps, studying the same career as him run the business, get married, work, be the livelihood of a family ... I do not mean it's wrong, but there are more roads, and a boy of this age have more options on what to do. Obviously everything has its good and bad side (laughs), we must now learn to cook and organize our stuff (laughs again). However, it is difficult nowadays to achieve balance and success, not only in the profession but in all aspects of life, including personal relationships and the important things around us. Being famous makes you always being under the public eye.

Is it hard?
Sometimes things do not wish my personal life is to know, it is frustrating when they say something that is not true or is painful. Unfortunately, much of that, so I have care what I do, because it acts as innocent as eating out with a good friend can be misinterpreted, and that's when I start to limit myself. However, all people pay a price for the profession: some travel too much, others lead for hours to get to the office, and in my case, the subject is the cross over. Still, I love both my career and gives me so much satisfaction, that becomes secondary. Also, I do many things that I like and live well.

You've become the body and mind to more of your characters. Why type of request you would reject a role?
Do not know what it could be, because I've done everything. I would not do anything I had to have surgery because I'm not that old, but maybe in 20 years say "who cares?" (Laughs). What I do is I start to be more careful with my body, because I have several movies that I've literally been banging (laughs). I enjoy what I do, but I've had two very dangerous experiences, and sometimes I train therefore I am three months later in the therapist's couch (laughs again).

In your stunts, right double act?
Almost never! I assure you that 95 percent of the time I am. I enjoy doing the stunts and do not like someone else interprets, because although it is best on a technical level, it will not with the character and personality that is my character.

What do you like most about being an actor?
The work itself is wonderful. The whole process behind a movie is amazing. When the script arrives, I feel excitement at the thought of the scenes, how to see everything on the screen, the stage, so I'll find out, interaction with other players ... not know how, imagine discovering and plunge it great! I love each of these stages.

What to consider when accepting a role shots?
So many things! It is an accumulation of all: who is the director, which actors are involved, how I feel at the time, the places will be shot, if I want to leave my house for four months of filming? But undoubtedly the most important thing is the script. Now I'm also a producer developing many scripts and is very interesting to see which ones have potential, they never work or realize that will be a success. This part of my career I love!

When you go home you can not go without ...
I live very simple, but I always have my iPad to read my scripts, I love to disconnect from the Internet and turn off the phone, because otherwise, among many sounds, I do not focus on the details of the scripts. Not learn anything and let technology occasionally is good for the soul. Ideally, do this for several days to get in touch with yourself.

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Gerard Butler: talented, with a great sense of humor
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