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  Exclusive: London Has Fallen Arabic Scenes Filming Now

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PostSubject: Exclusive: London Has Fallen Arabic Scenes Filming Now   Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:42 am

Exclusive: London Has Fallen Arabic Scenes Filming Now

By The_Night_Rider on November 13, 2014

Earlier today Deadline revealed that Mehdi Dehbi, Belgian actor, has signed on to play the chief villain in London Has Fallen. Now we are going to add to this with a small update.

A source of ours in the Bulgarian movie industry gives us some tips now and again and today checked in to update us on the shooting of this movie. Filming is taking place right now in Bulgaria, for a limited time. Arabic scenes will be shot in Sofia from the 13th (today) until the 21st. So eight days of filming is all you should expect of Bulgarian locations for the movie. The only English speaking actor on set for the movie at this time is Patrick Kennedy. Our source speculates that the villains are Iranian terrorists. So is Mike Banning moving from North Koreans to Iranians?

Anyway, the chief terrorist has had members of his family killed in a drone strike, then seeks revenge at the funeral of the British Prime Minister, where multiple high level western targets will be in attendance, including the POTUS. The sets in Bulgaria are also described to ManlyMovie as absolutely huge.

I’m going to add my own speculation here and predict that the villains will be Malaysian terrorists. Basically working off the notion that Sultan Mansur is a famous name who originated there in Islamic lore, plus there are no drone strikes happening in Iran, nor have there been. That, or a fictional Islamic country. At any rate, our source will keep us updated, possibly more information next week. So stay tuned.
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Exclusive: London Has Fallen Arabic Scenes Filming Now
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