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 GQ Character: Gerard Butler

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PostSubject: GQ Character: Gerard Butler   Mon Oct 27, 2014 6:16 pm

This article has a little more info on Gods of Egypt and Geostorm.  Sounds like Geostorm is going to be 3D?

Translated article from here:

GQ Character: Gerard Butler

We traveled to London to talk to the Scottish actor about his career, future projects and his recent collaboration with Hugo Boss.

The cafes, theaters and the mighty river Thames, which characterize the vigorous Near The Strand in London, served as orchestra accompanying our encounter with Gerard Butler, a "Scottish wanderer" as in the book title Alice Jury about the great traveler Cunninghame Graham Roberto. But in this case the journey from Butler to the capital of the ancient empire has nothing to do with one of his successful films. Neither our trip. The occasion has brought us new to the race this furious Celtic supporter, who is also one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. The novelty is that Butler will be the face of the new advertising campaign of the renowned fragrance Boss Bottled. This new facet and his ability to talk a little about his film projects we have here, shaking hands with the jolly native of Paisley, who from the start, with his good humor, makes one feel like an old school friend with which to go take a few whiskeys in the pub on the corner.

Butler's face has a pointed bronze as just returned from Brazil where he was in the finals of the World Cup. When asked about the experience he replies enthusiastically: "I went to Brazil vs Germany match. ! Yes, in this game, "laughing and adds:" You know? If anything I get older, this is a game that will always treasure. I can say I was in New York on September 11 and I was at the match Brazil against Germany. " Other issues that have nothing to do with our main purpose appear in the chat, and risk of actually end up in the pub on the corner, we focus:

- What led you to participate in its new Hugo Boss campaign?

Well, that's something I wanted to do, I've always loved Hugo Boss, as a brand, use their costumes and I get the fragrance in a while. When I saw this campaign, I thought it went beyond what a marketing campaign usually done, or sample. There are certain brands that are trying to project values ​​or inspire you in some way. During the World Cup there was a campaign for iPad Air, about poetry that should be in life. So when I was introduced this year and saw a commercial test, I really felt moved, inspired by the values ​​of how to live life as a man, because sometimes we need someone to remind us, and there are certain things that we use as a reminder, and these campaigns help us remember what it means to be "a modern man" and why we should live according to those values. I think it's a very strong campaign and a great company, and I liked the commercial that I recorded for them, I had a great time.

- In your career you've played many action heroes. In your real life you think you've had some of that heroism?

Oh, that's a tough question ... I actually received an award for Courage, because I saved a boy from drowning. He was under water in a river, so I swam to him and pulled him out, and did not really know what to do once I got it, I thought he was dead, but someone else was applied resuscitation and the boy returned to breathe. And the next minute you invited me to pick this award, you know? Well, there are a couple of moments like that in my life, but in general most of the time I have been a coward - laughs.

- In 2016 you will see in Geostorm, a film about a great climate disaster. What can you talk to us about it?

Not filmed yet, but it will be a very good movie, because the director is Dean Devlin, who directed Independence Day and Godzilla, and was one of the producers of The Patriot, among others. It's a great example of the science fiction genre with suspense, we are preparing a film in 3D to show trip I make to outer space, we will see the Space Station, and we will see a system of satellites orbiting the planet. There is a network that spans the globe to reduce global overheating, and in fact the satellites themselves can control climate change, because it is assumed that there have been storms that kill a hundred thousand, a hundred thousand people, fires are generated by overheating or floods, or large ice storms, hurricanes, and the whole system is used to control this. But as expected, suddenly everything starts to go horribly wrong and ... and then comes the good!

- Geostorm Besides, you're going to star in the film Gods of Egypt. What was it that you found so attractive in this film?

Well, Alex Proyas is an excellent manager with a long history; He directed The Crow and Dark City and I, Robot with Will Smith. Is really great because you can create new worlds like never been seen before. For this film we go back to ancient Egypt, but before it was covered with sand, so that shows a lush land, a utopian world that they liked so much that even the gods lived among humans. The gods in this movie coexist with mortals, but they themselves are also mortals live a thousand years, two thousand years, are more like superheroes. This is an adventure through the Egyptian mythology where a mortal and a god coming together to seek revenge against me: I play Seth, the god of darkness and fire. I declare war on the other gods ... Well, basically declared war on everyone, no I like him! It is an amazing adventure, you know ?, had never read a script like that.

- You've already dabbled in musical genres, action, drama, you've even given your voice for a couple of animated films. What would be the next big step in your career?

The retreat! -ríe.Bueno now also have produced six films, including Law Abiding Citizen and Olympus Has Fallen ... and I really am enjoying it. I love to do that, I like to get a script from the early stages and work on it and see how it develops, is like discovering how taking shape your own destiny, for it somehow. That's what I'd like to dedicate later, but for now, the movie just did recently and I will do below are two of the most important films in which I participated, in terms of production. Even 300 had no such mass production, but for now there are a couple of bands that have caught my attention. One is a political thriller that I feel great, it's like a cross between Crash and Syriana, that's something that excites me. And next year I intend to make a beautiful film, drama, a story about a father and a son.

- Which actors have been an inspiration to you?

Back when I was a kid, I loved Paul Newman. My favorite movies were his and Steve McQueen, especially when acting together. Someone who I liked a lot, on the opposite side of the continent, was David Niven, it's funny because it was like "man today." I have a friend who always says "live like Niv", ie you have to be gallant and chivalrous, and it was something I aspired though it was certainly very different to me. I was a boy in Glasgow, but still find that had a great charm. Currently they are also emerging big players like Fassbender or Tom Hardy or the great Daniel Day-Lewis, who Tell me if non- probably the best actor ever. And then also I am, I am my own inspiration, especially PS: I love you - laugh.
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Permanent Resident of the Home of the Sanely Insane

Number of posts : 13493
Registration date : 2008-11-06

PostSubject: Re: GQ Character: Gerard Butler   Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:17 am

Video here:
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GQ Character: Gerard Butler
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