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 Gerard Butler on His Biggest Dream and What Men Should Never Do in Front of Women

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PostSubject: Gerard Butler on His Biggest Dream and What Men Should Never Do in Front of Women   Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:28 pm

Gerard Butler on His Biggest Dream and What Men Should Never Do in Front of Women
"A lack of chivalry is a big faux pas"

BY Edward Lumley

All too often, celebrity brand ambassadorships can seem like they were conjured out of thin air. But when Hugo Boss announced that it'd picked actor Gerard Butler to be the face of its Boss Bottled fragrance, which it's billing as the perfect scent for the Man of Today, the partnership immediately made sense. After all, Butler isn't your run-of-the-mill Hollywood leading man. He started working as lawyer before he landed roles in films as diverse as 300 and PS I Love You, to say nothing of fancy corporate partnerships.

We talked with Butler about what being a truly modern man means—including when it comes to interacting with women—and why his biggest dream has nothing to do with being in front of a camera.

DETAILS: This campaign is very solidly about a man of today. What are the qualities you think this kind of guy embodies?
GERARD BUTLER: I think a man of today needs to have some adventures and follow his dreams. I worked hard to become an actor and as the commercial says, I don't believe in less, I go all the way. It's important to work hard in whatever you do, and strive for that success.

DETAILSWe saw you wearing this brand's clothes long before you were the face of its fragrance. What do you like about Hugo Boss?
GERARD BUTLER: I don't think you can really go wrong when you wear Hugo Boss. It gives you that powerful presence that you might not necessarily be always feeling inside. You might feel shabby and tired some days, but when you put on a Hugo Boss suit it helps elevate you; makes you feel like a million dollars, which in turn is portrayed in your outward persona.

DETAILSWhat, in your opinion, is the most important aspect of a man's wardrobe?
GERARD BUTLER: It really is all about the cut and the fit of your clothing. The difference between a well-fitted suit and an ill-fitting suit is remarkable. When you put on a suit that fits perfectly there really is nothing like it. You feel like the man; you feel like you own the town.

DETAILSAside from clothing, what would you say is the most important character trait a man can have?
GERARD BUTLER: I believe manners really are at the center of most things. A lack of chivalry is a big faux pas. You don't want to be seen or remembered for jumping the line in front of a woman.

DETAILSWhat is your biggest dream?
GERARD BUTLER: Well, apart from living it, I would love to go into space. I love space and as a kid it was always something I thought would be amazing to do.
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Gerard Butler on His Biggest Dream and What Men Should Never Do in Front of Women
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