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 Boss hires Butler

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PostSubject: Boss hires Butler   Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:11 am

Translated from here (also includes 6 new pics from a Hugo Boss photo shoot:

Boss hires Butler

Gerard Butler is Hugo Boss' new spokesperson. His trademark is hard work, humor and Scottish charm. But it's the cracks in the perfect varnish, the German brand enjoys.

By: Kitt Andersen,

No one questions the a Hugo Boss suit, and few would disagree with that Gerard Butler is a qualified representative of the masculine gender. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the German fashion house has asked the Scottish hollywood actor, he will be their spokesperson for a relaunch of Boss Bottled or Gerard Butler have accepted and signed the contract.

The suit is the backbone of the fashion house, and is valued for both its quality and precision. Add to this Gerard Butler's combination of raw charm and stubble that complements the sleek suit and gives Hugo Boss image the edge that makes the difference between good and great.

"I would not call Hugo Boss classic. It's something a little British and adorned above. Hugo Boss is equal to good quality and is more business-like, and it's just like a few other brands, for example. Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Prada in part, not so interested in changing fashions, "said Chris Pedersen, organize and TV host on the program series The Vain on DR1 and former editor of the Original Man and fashion editor of Euroman.

"I would not call it elegant, but streamlined. There is nothing superfluous. It is a "no fuzz" brand. "

German craftsmanship

Similarly, Gerard Butler apparently also a "no fuzz" Hollywood star. But in a totally different way. He is not scrubbed as the cut in the Hugo Boss jeans and corresponding black polo and shoes he wears during the interview in connection with the presentation of him as the face of Boss Bottled.

He is also not the smooth polished gold boy with an unblemished resume, but an actor for 44 years of a career, he has worked hard, and with both great successes and some serious failures behind him. On the other hand, he has it, many are looking for these days: Authenticity.

He staged not the unattainable, but is a type most men can mirror themselves. And it is here that Hugo Boss is the equation to go up and give it cool fire and scents the human and welcoming touch.

"Hugo Boss is not up for grabs for its customers. Compared to other brands it is more eye to eye with its customers, which of course is very sympathetic. It is not the dream, grown, but the delicious and more attainable man - where else is paying a little, "notes Chris Pedersen, who has three Boss suits hanging in the closet.

"It is a very German product. Simple and well produced. So we can compare it with both Danish fashion and furniture design. "

Gerard Butler even during play does not need to further the case. Both in terms of roles and in relation to physics, when you choose to perform 95 per cent. of the stunts loaded into many of the action and adventure films he has appeared in.

"I hate when someone has to perform my stunts in the movie. They belong to my character and personality - and I like to do it. I train hard and go all the way, I do not think less. But I will start taking it a little more quiet. I've really got some playing and had some near-death experiences, when I filmed. Sometimes I pay for three months after I have made a movie, "he said during the group interview in a hotel suite in London.

Raw energy and humo

He has most recently played for Danish Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the fantasy film Gods of Egypt, which will premiere in February 2016 and right now he is in the process of pre-production to include London har Fallen, which is a continuation of Antoine Fuquas film Olympus kill Fallen and Geostorm.

That he also goes all in as a representative of Hugo Boss, he demonstrates by giving far better and more detailed answers to some of the questions he gets, than they actually deserve. When asked what a man can not leave the house without, he looks puzzled out first, then a little despondent, and then answers: 'Pants - probably! You can go out without a T-shirt, which would be a little strange, but you surely can not go out without pants? "

However, he mitigates the slightly cheeky undertone with a grin, and the answer is somewhere else without being too shallow and with credibility intact.

"I love a man or anyone who can not leave home without his cell phone. It is very noble and a forgotten art. I close often for it all, but it takes effort, "he said, spinning on about how much he depends both on his iPad and how much he loves to go out.

Although he has not made equally smart moves in his career when it comes to choice of scripts, it is probably both the charm and the ability to work their way up, which gave him the recognition he has received, in combination with some of the roles in which he is burnt out on the canvas.

That it is the Scottish genes that have contributed something special in Hollywood, he does not believe. He believes that many of the people he has met have the same enthusiasm, optimism and enthusiasm as he did. But there is still a point where he has nothing with the Atlantic.

"I still have this very masculine raw energy that I bring from Scotland - and the wacky humor. Bulkheads are traditionally associated with bravehearts and warriors. But I think that the man of today still possess this warrior instinct and can be described with words like honor, courage and ambition. But he also has humor and is more in touch with his own feelings. I like the mix of both, "says Gerard Butler and illustrates with his 6:00 to 7:00 black narrow hippie bracelet in wicker, leather, fabric and beads, he has the wrist, to the personal and slightly softer twist fine match a toned upper body in a sharp but understated Hugo Boss outfit.
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Boss hires Butler
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