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 Ger­ard Butler got a wheat grass at live mar­ket

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PostSubject: Ger­ard Butler got a wheat grass at live mar­ket   Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:57 pm

Pic at link and translated from here:

Ger­ard Butler got a wheat grass live mar­ket
Gerard Butler is here with Tania Rose, which operates in ...

Ger­ard Butler is here with Tania Rose who works in live mar­ket.
Marta María Jón­as­dótt­ir
Marta María Jónasdóttir

Scott­ish actor Ger­ard Butler was right in this Live mar­ket wh­ere he got a wheat grass shot. Wheat Grass is one of the more who­lesome as you can get, but it contains a lot of chlorop­h­yll. Chlorop­h­yll increases oxy­gen in the blood, which me­ans that we have less disea­se and cancer cells depend less on the body. The wheat grass is also a lot of live enzy­mes, am­ino acids, A and vitam­in C, calcium, iron, magnesi­um, potassi­um, phosphor­us, sodi­um, sulf­ur, zinc and protein. The only way to achieve nut­riti­on made from wheat grass is compressed.

Butler is cle­ar­ly with all of this for sure, but he is enjoy­ing life in Ice­land and had just ret­ur­ned from a flig­ht over the erupti­on site, wh­ere he could live in the mar­ket. News reports that the warri­or would have had a blast at the bar this week­end. He is not try­ing to reach out þynn­kunni with wheat grass for he stopp­ed drink­ing alcohol in 2012 and has spoken open­ly about it.

"Th­ere's somet­hing about Ice­land - hards­hip. Th­ere is somet­hing very prim­iti­ve in the en­vironment, somet­hing unexplained that af­fects me when I'm th­ere. A man crosses the glaciers or stand­ing on a black sand beaches. Man stand­ing on top of a volcano, and it puts the steam out of the ground around him. Th­ere are hot springs; you see this anywh­ere else. And the people are very spi­ritually oriented, "said Butler in 2010.
Warrior caught happiness in a man alive. Here he is with ...

Warri­or caug­ht happ­iness in a man ali­ve. Here he is with L. Mor­in who works at the restaurant.
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Ger­ard Butler got a wheat grass at live mar­ket
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