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 Geostorm - Opens January 1, 2016. Gerry plays "Jake Lawson"

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PostSubject: Geostorm - Opens January 1, 2016. Gerry plays "Jake Lawson"   Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:52 pm

Opens January 1, 2016
Not Rated (2016) | Starring Gerard Butler


In the near future, climate change has ravaged the planet, causing the governments of the world to unite and build an enormous space station called Dutch Boy that controls the world's climate with a network of satellites. A series of mysterious, catastrophic weather events across the planet leave the U.N. suspecting that Dutch Boy is going haywire. A team of international operatives ventures into space to fix the station, and the team includes Jake Lawson, a construction manager for NASA. Signs point to possible government sabotage of the station, especially when satellites from Dutch Boy continue to go rogue and attack third world countries. A violent attempted coup in the USA, directly tied to Dutch Boy, is narrowly thwarted. With the station set to self-destruct, Jake must fend off attacks from double-crossers and escape to Earth to rectify the situation and save the people he loves.
Release Date


   January 1, 2016
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Geostorm - Opens January 1, 2016. Gerry plays "Jake Lawson"
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