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 The first glimpse – Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa

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PostSubject: The first glimpse – Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa   Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:02 am

Blog with pics at link:

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The first glimpse – Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa

The radio show started… and there were only five people in front of the studio. Two teenagers with their mom (who did not look like their mom I might add, she was way too young), my Mom and I.

Were we the only people waiting to see them? Surely not?

The two teenagers had made posters that said we love Gerard and Aaron. We started chatting with them. Soon other people started showing up and before long, everyone was waiting to catch a glimpse of Gerard and Aaron. I had foreigners asking me what the commotion was all about… maybe because of my “HAVE YOU BEEN BUTLERIZED?” t-shirt? Maybe I looked official? Or maybe I was just so excited?

I can’t tell you what time they got there. I remember looking at my watch and it was 17:15 and the DJ said that they were around the corner.

I heard the commotion “around the corner” and someone said they had arrived. We did not dare leave our spots against the window. Btw, my Mom was next to me all the time. Not bad for a 66-year-old lady. She kept up with us youngsters.

And then we saw them….

I started cheering with the people around me. Flashes were going off. However, with the double pane of sound proof glass, it was difficult to take photos. I realised that and put the flash off.

The DJ greeted both actors and told them where to sit and after the song the interview started. I think both the actors were so surprised to see us. Gerry had his phone out and was taking a video of all the fans through the glass. It seemed like he was having a ball of a time.

How surreal to have Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart just metres away from you. Okay, they were behind the glass panels, but still. At least we got to hear the interview, although in all the excitement, I’m not really sure what was asked. *BLUSH* I am sure that I could find the interview online.

Anyways, I took so many photos. Some were blurry but others were not, some were dark and others were not. But you know what? There is nothing that Photoshop cannot fix these days! Here are the photos from the radio interview.

Aaron’s dimple in his chin is gorgeous and I must admit he is a friendly man. Well, he came across as very friendly. At one stage I was staring at him (who wouldn’t ) and he moved his eyebrows up and down… you know like a flirty guy does to a girl. I turned around because I thought it couldn’t be me that he was doing it to. So I waved… and HE WAVED BACK! Eeeeek! So it was me. Maybe he just read my shirt and thought it was funny? In a news article that I read, he said he was shy… I am still wondering/debating that.

Gerry is tall and slim and somehow I thought he was bigger. But to be honest he is as big as my brother (Rugby Man). So maybe it is true that the camera adds weight? Anyway where I was standing, Gerry wouldn’t have seen me. The DJ was up and down in front of me; however, I did get to see him and as I said before… all I wanted was a glimpse.

My Mom left during the interview, she is a little claustrophobic and had to get out because of all the people around her. She went to one of the coffee shops and had coffee. She ended up making friends with other Gerard Butler fans. They were actually very nice people and I am so glad she had company. Although she says she saw so many people and heard so many things, that she enjoyed sitting there.

And then the interview was over… I found my Mom and I was telling her all the news when her new friend said that the men were on their way out of the studio…
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The first glimpse – Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in South Africa
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