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 MGP actor discusses working with Gerry

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PostSubject: MGP actor discusses working with Gerry   Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:27 pm

Full article here:

Uptown Film Festival hosts charity VIP event and Machine Gun Preacher

Quote :
One of the attendees last night was Steve Blackwood, a Michigan resident who has a small part in Machine Gun Preacher. He shares a scene with Gerard Butler and had much to say about the movie and "Jerry":

“I play the Mean Bank Manager [in the movie] who denies Sam – Jerry Butler – a loan. The scene came out pretty well and Jerry showed it on the Tonight Show with Leno – it was really cool. I went out to the screening in L.A. and to three screenings out there; the Directors Guild, the Writers Guild … the writer was Jason Keller, and I went to his screening too. So I’ve seen the movie like five times but it’s a good film, very timely, and Jerry was very passionate about it.”

In the scene he shares with Butler, Butler's character is asking him for a loan, and shows him pictures of the children he works with in Africa. He staunchly denies him, saying that he must follow bank protocol, and Butler gets very angry and starts yelling at Blackwood.

"During our scene, he kept changing the dialogue, and it ended up being almost improve-ed. You’ll see - in the scene, our dialogue overlaps. He wanted it to be “real.” He and Marc Forster, the director, were both extremely passionate about the set; it was just such a pleasure to go to work," Blackwood said.

Blackwood also talked about how the cast enjoyed Detroit:

"We filmed half of the movie in Detroit and the other half in East Africa. They loved it here – Jerry had a great time and went to the karaoke bars – and loved Michigan. My only regret is that the governor is taking away our film incentives; maybe this will change one day – I hope so – with events like this."

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MGP actor discusses working with Gerry
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