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 PHOTOS: Of Men and Mavericks Films in San Gregorio

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PostSubject: PHOTOS: Of Men and Mavericks Films in San Gregorio    Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:39 pm

Pics at link:

PHOTOS: Of Men and Mavericks Films in San Gregorio
Movie about Mavericks surfer Jay Moriarity filmed south of Half Moon Bay on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Iron Cross Productions took over the parking lot at San Gregorio Beach as a base camp to film "Of Men and Mavericks" along the coast between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.

The movie is about the life of well-known big wave surfer Jay Moriarity who rode the waves at Mavericks just outside of Half Moon Bay. It stars Gerard Butler, Jonny Weston and Elisabeth Shue.

Traffic had been momentarily stopped yesterday on Highway 1 near San Gregorio Beach on Wednesday to allow a movie rig to turn around.

I parked my car and approached the set parked along La Honda Rd. The crew appeared to have finished one shot and was preparing for another. Security was very strict and I kept my distance, but everyone I've talked to so far has been friendly.

The rig appeared to be an old Ford van mounted on a trailer and pulled by a utility truck with platforms for lights, cameras and crew.

Most of the crew and security team noticed me photographing from a distance but paid little attention. When Gerard Butler appeared into view, he pointed me out, then smiled and waved.

Everyone's head followed to see what he was pointing at.

Like an amateur, I returned Butler's wave and missed the shot. I'm sure he was waving to all his fans, not to me.

Moments later, Weston and Butler entered the van and the crew took their places. The Highway Patrol stopped traffic one more time and then, as the director yelled action, escorted the rig south on Highway 1.

Last Friday, the film shot scenes throughout the night on Montara State Beach. The film has also shot scenes in Santa Cruz, Pacifica, and San Mateo, but the majority of the filming is reportedly taking place in the Half Moon Bay area.

The crew is shooting in Moss Beach on Los Banos Road today. If you get some photos through the rain, upload them here on Half Moon Bay Patch. Our readers would love to see them.

To receive news feeds about Half Moon Bay and the unincorporated Coastside between Montara and Pescadero, visit Half Moon Bay Patch on Facebook and "like" us here. Follow us on Twitter here.

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PHOTOS: Of Men and Mavericks Films in San Gregorio
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