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 Inside the Huddle: Stars bring sexy back to soccer

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PostSubject: Inside the Huddle: Stars bring sexy back to soccer   Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:54 am

Blurb about Gerry playing with the LSUS men's soccer team on Monday night (not to be confused with LSU, which is in Baton Rouge.)

Inside the Huddle: Stars bring sexy back to soccer
Shelley Davenport
Issue date: 3/31/11 Section: Sports

Gerard Butler AND soccer!? I'm in heaven. Seriously, though. I want to applaud and thank all of these handsome actors and lovely actresses who are contributing to my sport.

Let's face it, this is America, North America, and people will always try to dog soccer (even though there's about 17.7 million people participating in soccer in the USA. Thanks Mr.Butler out and about around Shreveport has given me hope for the South's love for soccer because as much as everyone here would rather drink beer at ten in the morning, throw on a purple and gold Columbia and watch some football, I know they'll want to see Leonidas in any movie he does. Hopefully that will lead to new understanding of the sport in general.

Keira Knightley got my hopes up with Bend it Like Beckham. She and that handsome coach of hers ran around kicking soccer balls scantily clad, but America quickly forgot how sexy soccer is. Then the 2010 World Cup got everyone excited again and that died down as well.

I can only hope that America's obsession with pop culture will lead to a renewed interest in the sport. We've got pictures of Jessica Biel out at the Cargill soccer fields and video of Gerard at the S'Port Port scoring the goalie for LSUS' men's soccer team. So to everyone in Louisiana, the sexy people are playing soccer. You should too.

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Inside the Huddle: Stars bring sexy back to soccer
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