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 Extracts from Interviews with Michelle Monaghan

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PostSubject: Extracts from Interviews with Michelle Monaghan   Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:16 pm

What’s up next for you now?

Monaghan: I’ve got a film coming out in the fall which I’m really excited about. A drama, based on a true story, Mark Forster directed it. It’s starring myself, Michael Shannon and Gerard Butler and it’s amazing. So excited.

Is that Machine Gun Preacher?

Monaghan: Machine Gun Preacher, yeah. It’s great. I just saw it couple weeks ago and I’m really excited about it.

Monaghan is also a co-star in the drama Machine Gun Preacher, a picture which centers on the life of ex-gang biker turned pastor Sam Childers (Gerard Butler).

“It was a really, really extraordinary experience,” said Monaghan, who plays Sam’s wife, Lynn Childers in the flick. “I’m really proud of this movie. I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a drama based on a true story and it’s directed by the wonderful Marc Forster.“


Let's talk about Gerard Butler's mullet in Machine Gun Preacher. Magnificent in person?
Monaghan: Do you know what? There was a lot of discussion about that mullet. Are you being serious?

I am being serious.
Monaghan: It's a really great mullet, isn't it?

Yes, and not everybody can pull one off.
Monaghan: Not everyone can. It's impressive. I don't even know many people who would want to try to pull it off, so that, I just have to tip my hat to. It's not authentic, but it looks real.
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Extracts from Interviews with Michelle Monaghan
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