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 Blog of Gerry encounter at Eldorado

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PostSubject: Blog of Gerry encounter at Eldorado   Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:25 pm

Little blurb about seeing Gerry and Jessica:

Full blog here:

Weddings, Ashtray Licking, KISS Army, My BFF's Jessica And Girard, Crawfish boils and Sunburns

Quote :
Over the weekend, I went to Shreveport with some work friends. Let me just try to explain how ecstatic I was when A asked me to join her and R and their friends for the weekend-seriously it was so flattering and i was SO excited...sure, I sound like a loser, but put yourself in the position where you don't have many friends where you life and even though your'e trying to make some, you end up spending weekends alone. To have someone ask you to hang out, or to have plans is seriously super happy and super exciting. So I drove after work and met them for some drinks. After that, we all went to the casinos. At the second on, we saw Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler. Hilariousness ensued. Their friend is a very tall and big man and decided to "hide" behind a pole after pretty much screaming in their direction "That's not them! That is not Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel". A and I scoped it out and she let out a really cute squeak when we passed them; their reaction pretty much proved that it was them. A ended up getting a picture with Gerard. I didn't end up getting in the picture, but that was a pretty neat celebrity sighting. Then, all I wanted was french fries (because when I drink, I looooooves my fries), so Whataburger it was, and damn, they hit the spot so good!

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PostSubject: Re: Blog of Gerry encounter at Eldorado   Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:46 am

What a nice little anecdote. Glad she had some fun and a little thrill.
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Blog of Gerry encounter at Eldorado
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