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 Gerry and the Hair Extensions

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PostSubject: Gerry and the Hair Extensions   Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:59 am

Thanks to Dallas for finding this!

JUM .....goes to HOLLYWOOD!!!!

Yes...its Mr Butler with my beautiful JUM Angel/Model Joni MacKay! Joni spent the Summer in LA and New York. She has some amazing friends staying in the Hollywood hills where she was lucky enough to party the nights away with the likes of Mr Butler and Ms Lohan! I'm proud of Joni...shes not afraid to go out there and work for what she wants in life. She has dreams and aspirations just like everyone else and I'm 100% behind her and proud to call her my friend!

She adores her JUM hair and is on her 3rd set! She was soooo anti extensions but now and I quote "would like her whole head to just purely be made up of extensions" The confidence it has brought Joni delights me! She actually has 'fairytale' hair. Girls and guys stop here every single day of life just to tell her how amazing her hair is. Shes my friend, shes my JUM Angel and shes my living, breathing perfect advertisement!!!

Love and Air kisses, Your Hair Queen J xxx
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Gerry and the Hair Extensions
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