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 Phantom of the silver screen: Gerard Butler

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PostSubject: Phantom of the silver screen: Gerard Butler    Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:20 pm

Thanks to a friend on Twitter for sharing this link with me. The interview is from 2003 and is in Swedish, but here's the translation:

It is a chilly but sunny autumn day in October, when I go myself to Pinewood Studios just outside London. Film version of "Phantom of the Opera" has been going on for over a week and I'll see "The Phantom" in person. When I escorted to the Gerard Butler's private box I am met by thunderous music. A half-naked, well-built man with dark hair combed back and intense green-blue eyes, stretches its arms towards me and exclaims: "Hi darlin '," with an absolutely delicious Scottish accent. He embraces me greatly and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "How are you love?" He asks.

Last time I saw Gerry, as he also called, he was in full swing with the "promoters" "Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2 - The Cradle of Life" with Angelina Jolie. He held that while preparing to film "The Game of Their Lives" with Wes Bentley (American Beauty). He has lost a few pounds for the role, which will probably give him a place among Hollywood's A-list actress. With his wig and make-up, he sees a couple of years younger than when we saw him in "Tomb Raider" as the sexy, Terry Sheridan. I ask him if he bought the music for "Phantom of the Opera" and listen to learn the text. "No, Josephine, this is me singing," he says. "Is there anything you can not?" I ask. He answers him with a big smile. “I can't really speak Swedish that well, but I am going to learn.”

Gerard Butler was born in Glasgow, Scotland where he was at an early age created an interest in acting. His career began, however, in a completely different area where he studied law at university and focused on a future as a lawyer. In the meantime he worked as a lawyer, he developed a hard life style in which drinking and drugs played a major role. Fate wanted different and Gerard eventually went to London to fulfill their dreams to become an actor. He had several part-time job and went to auditions to finally get a role in a play by actor and director Stephen Berkoff set.

What prompted you to completely change careers at a relatively late age?

I had been depressed and confused for a long time and when I found out that I got fired because of my partying (I had been warned a few times) I realized that I had nothing to lose. I was so low down that there was nowhere else to go than up. Since I always had an interest in acting, so I thought, this is my chance. It's now or never. I thought, why not aim high, and sort out my life at the same time.

Were not you worried that you would fail, given how difficult it is to really break through in Hollywood?

I do not think I thought about it just then. It was not really my choice to be fired from my job as a lawyer, and therefore I believe that what happened was "Meant to Be". If I look back at the first time in London, the first time in my acting career, it was pure insanity. The idea of the success or failure was not there. I simply had nowhere else to go.

What was your reaction to the Hollywood industry, the mentality and the hard way to do business?

I know many people talk about "bull hit" and falsity in Hollywood and that they are affected by it, but if I'm going to be quite honest, I try to avoid thinking as much about it. I work hard and think that most people who are successful have the same 'work' Ethics "as I in Hollywood. I must also add that everything went so fast for me. I was offered the lead role of Attila, who became one of the biggest mini-series in American television history at once. Everything went so fast that I did not have time to think about all the things that people normally experience. I guess I was lucky in that way.

You have many roles, Mrs. Brown, Dracula, Reign of Fire, Timeline, Tomb Raider, and now The Phantom of the Opera. Vad letar du efter i en roll? What are you looking for in a role?

I'm looking for something that moves me, inspires me. The more films you make, the higher standard may be, however. If I look back at Dracula, so I do not know if I had done that role today. The 'Tomb Raider' so I play a "tough guy" but there was also a comic role. I try to alternate my roles so that I do not do the same kind of movies all the time. I get so easily bored so it becomes much more interesting if you are trying to attack challenges all the time. I love challenges.

Do you get many offers now, so many that you can pick and choose?

Yes, I have to say. I have been in a couple of years now. But so far there are not many roles that I have had time to repent that I made some of them. It is not so direct that Spielberg has come and asked me yet, haha.

Do you think that fame and success changed you?

I do not see the success and fame as the same thing. I feel successful but not well known. Sure there with my name in the media but I will not be recognized on the street. I look so very different in each role. I can give you an example, I always go into the same business here in London and the guy who works there has known me all these years. He asked me one day what I work with and I told him I was an actor. He had seen all my films but still had no idea it was me. I do not think I have changed. I am a happier person today because I do something I love but I'm the same guy deep down.

Have you any idol in the movie business or in life?

I hate that question. There are very many that I respect but I admire so many for different reasons. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro is amazing, but I guess I do not idolize that way. I love so many types of actors, movies and people.

Is there any actor or director you would like to work with?

I love Coenbröderna and also Danny Boyle. I thought that Trainspotting was fantastic. For actors, it's a dream to play against De Niro and Pacino. It would be incredible to stand next to them and act. I've just filmed against Angelina Jolie and it was pretty cool, I must say. And now with the Phantom so I get to work with Minnie Driver as I always respected and, above all, Joel Schumacher.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully in a more esablerat and calmer place. I hope that I'll be in a relationship and live somewhere more quiet than London. My life is still so fragmented and frantic, but I hope, like most that I can beat me to rest eventually.

Suddenly, the knocking on the door. The director's assistant, who tells us that Gerry must return to the set. Another assistant comes in to help with Gerry on the suit. He must be lashed into a corset-like bodice and taking on their "Phantom Clothes". It goes right quickly and suddenly I turn on and he reveals himself, Phantom of the Opera, stylish, sexy and dangerous with mask and cape.

We will be escorted to the set where it is full of "crew members". In the middle of the scene is amazing director Joel Schumacher (Phone Booth, Tiger Country, Batman Movies, A Time to Kill, Bad Company, Lost Boys). A giant chandelier hangs from the ceiling, velvet-covered seats and other decorations may look like a magnificent opera hall. The suit-clad extras talking and joking with Gerry. He has an easy-going and charming attitude towards all. It is quickly understood that he is everyone's darling on the set. Gerry cried over me and introduces me for Joel. When recording to begin, I am located next to Joel, which nicely demonstrates what is to be filmed and how.

Suddenly someone cried "playback" and music by Gerry amazing voice to the familiar songs and Joel starts crying "action". The recording end of the film now at the beginning of the recording. Gerry is well-coordinated around a fake fire and built up a flight of stairs. From the other side steps Emmy Rossum, his co-star forward and they met up on a footbridge. Extras looks up at Gerry and Emmy when they sing the duet "The Point of No Return" which begins the climax of the opera in which Christine (Emmy) tear his mask. I get shivers in the body of the beautiful music which thunders of their strong voices and stage, lighting and extras may be made to feel complicit in the drama.

Joel shouts "cut" and turn against me, "So what do you think?" He asks. "Is not Gerry amazing?" I nod completely fascinated by the spectacle. Joel is one of a master at finding new talent as it was he who discovered Julia Roberts, Keifer Sutherland and cast them in "Flatliners". Now, recent Colin Farrell also thank Joel. Colin's roles in Joel's films have made him a megastar. Joel says that Gerry is "The Next Big Thing" and something tells me that he is right. “He is the easiest guy to work with. What a true talent. "He says.

When Gerry comes down, we go back to his barn to finish the interview. I'll see him remove his costume. It starts to become almost a bit embarrassing. He stands there with his body and suddenly just as he turned to Gerry again. ”Shoot," he says. “More questions?"

Now I ask you about Sweden. You've been visiting a number of times and have very good friends there. (Bla Izabella Scorupco as he did "Reign of Fire" with) what you think of Sweden and Stockholm?

I love Sweden. It is a refreshing country with fantastic scenery and so very "well Kept." It was a very different experience for me. I love your nightlife and restaurants era, all the water that surrounds the town ...

What do you think about Swedish girls?

I love them too, haha. They are so beautiful and funny and sexy. I was a bit scared of them at the beginning but then I got to know them so I thought they were fantastic.

Would you be willing to live in Sweden?

Yes indeed, Sweden is definitely a country where I would consider myself to have a place to spend as much time as possible. You remember when I said that about 10 years, I would like to live in a more quiet place, where Sweden is a good example.

Choose one: Swedish meatballs, Eriksson Victoria or Silver Manor?

Swedish meatballs!

What is your best experience in Sweden?

Victoria Silver Manor, haha! Yes, now I know. I sat in a friend's cruiser at the lock and all of a sudden, a large cruise ship. I was quite sure that we would be crushed and die. Just because we survived, I have to say that it was an incredible experience. When I go to Sweden, I always have it completely fantasisk. Once I had a threesome at the trendy hotel where Lydmar ... ... it was pretty amazing, haha.

Was it something that you did not like in Sweden?

I sometimes think that Swedes can be a bit arrogant, but it is just before you get to know them. I hate it when you are out and all putts around each other and spilling drinks. A couple times I almost got into a fight. Especially now that I do not drink so you get very angry when you get a full drink over him and they did not even apologize. ... But otherwise I love Sweden and Swedes.

What surprised you in Sweden?

All is so stylish and well dressed, even the guys. It felt completely otrendig where you compared to Swedes. You have the kind of incredibly good looking style.

You must stay on the ice a week without food, television or other communications with the outside world, what would you take with you for the Swedish thing?

A Swedish girl ... or two ... or three. Haha! Haha!

Can you say something in Swedish?
Gott nytt år! Happy New Year! I was there on New Year's and it was the only thing I could say in Swedish. I told you my Swedish was bad, haha.

When are you coming to visit again?

I hope I can get to the premiere of "Phantom of the Opera". But I'll try to come back in January to launch party for the G Life. Again, knock on the door. Gerry cried: "Hold on, we'll just end the sex," then he smiles at me so charming that it is impossible to take offense. When he opens the door is one of the assistants there and wonder if we are ready soon. All others have gone for the night and they are just waiting for us. Gerry looks at the clock, "oh, she is already half nine, it is best that we can". "Let me drive you home," he says.. And just like that he is, "The Next Big Thing", Gerry Butler, the world's friendliest and most charming guy who simply forget the time when you hang out with. The interview is over, but the journey back to London in a limousine Gerry is a chapter that I keep to myself.

Link in Swedish:

Translated Link:
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom of the silver screen: Gerard Butler    Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:24 pm

Thanks DK and the Swedish Twitter friend.
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Phantom of the silver screen: Gerard Butler
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