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 Dwayne Johnson

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Boringly Sane

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PostSubject: Dwayne Johnson   Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:16 pm

I absolutely love Dwayne Johnson! He's charming, polite, funny, and gorgeous! This is a classy guy who keeps up his appearance. I've read his book and seen most of his movies. Only problem is, he's given crappy parts. The guy can act, he just needs a good script.

I wish someone would cast Dwayne in some romantic comedies and romantic dramas. With good scripts and good directing, I'm sure Dwayne's films would be hits!

'Course, I loved the scenes in "Game Plan" and "Tooth Fairy" where he wears the tights. He's so secure about his masculinity that he does scenes like that. In real life, he's super masculine, but he's not a macho man. There's a big difference. That's such an attractive quality.

I never watched Dwayne in wrestling. I've only seen him on the screen or tv, but he talks a lot about it in his book. The wrestling is just another form of acting.

My favorite pic of Dwayne, above. (Makes me melt!) Can anyone top this? I hope so! Wink
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Permanent Resident of the Home of the Sanely Insane

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PostSubject: Re: Dwayne Johnson   Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:13 pm

I like watching Dwayne's work, almost met him at the Mummy Returns premiere. He too busy eating, like a typical 'poly' (I'm part Tongan, so I can make fun of polys).

He's very fun when he does SNL, loved the last one where he finally did some kind of polynesian dance, very cute.

He makes a lot of cute films, loved the last one he did as a football player who finds out he has a daughter. It's one of my favorites. The Game Plan right?

I haven't seen the Tooth Fairy, but I have it on my computer.

Did not care for him as a wrestler, but he was big, and polys have a lot of respect for him. He's probably the best known poly right now, granted he's half black, half poly, as I'm half white, half poly.

I have a cousin in Southern CA that I think gave him a script to do a more realistic film version of "Army Wives". According to my cousin, who was an army wife, she and her buddies have a good laugh at the show. Anyways, she was getting in touch with him about that, but that was last summer I heard about her talking to him.
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Dwayne Johnson
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