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 Butler, the mighty "Montevideo"

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PostSubject: Butler, the mighty "Montevideo"   Wed May 05, 2010 6:59 pm

One new pic at link:


Butler, the mighty "Montevideo"

Unusual football game that was two days ago in the organization of the ATP "Serbia Open 2010" and the production company "Intermedia Network" was played on the Dorćol football club attracted much attention, and a surprise guest who did not want media attention was a Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who in Belgrade shooting the film "Coriolanus."

Butler in society Dragan Bjelogrlic, directed a series of "Montevideo" To remind you, in Dorcol the one played by a team of young actors from the movie "Montevideo, the God of the video, and the other team made up of well-known athlete, actor, businessman, including Novak Djokovic Viktor Troicki Nenad Zimonjic, Vlade Divac, Dejan Bodiroga, Vladan Lukic, Savo Milosevic, Bishop Gregory, Sasa Curcic, Branko Radujko and others. The match is commented Ivan Zeljković host a game's score ended 3-2 in favor of the team known.

However, when it all ended, many were surprised when it appeared from the stands actor Gerald Butler, who was following the match. Big world movie stars these days is in Belgrade, played a major role in "Coriolanus," directed by Ralph Fiennes. A few days Butler is wished to introduce himself to tennis star Novak Djokovic, and the two had met after opening the tournament and hung out in one evening at the "Novak" Butler looked at the past few matches on the tennis tournament "Serbia Open, which takes place near the stadium, and organizers led him to look at a football match in which, among others, and Djokovic played and scored the decisive goal.

When Butler appeared in other rooms of the club, most of the guests and journalists have already been dispersed. Butler joined Dragan Bjelogrliću to his desk and spent a lot of time talking about football and films. Butler found that the presence of a true football fan and was born as a passionate fan of the famous Scotch Seltika. But the biggest surprise was when Butler discovered that he was especially dear to the role of goalkeeper Frank Borgija in the American film "The Game of Their Lives", directed by David Ansproa. Said film was the inspiration for a writer and journalist Vladimir Stankovic for the "Montevideo, God, and video. Stankovic is a list of our recent interview said that the idea to write a book came in late 2006. when it was in Moscow on television watching the American film "The game of their lives," dedicated to the American victory over England football team (1-0) at the World Championships in Brazil 1950th
- The film I liked, was professionally done, moderator of the team collecting the yarn and rope, to the achievement against the country that invented soccer, but as I watched it all, the idea clicked in my head ... I said to myself: "Well, if Americans from one game to them, but the current fame, has not brought anything can make such a good movie, why do not we from our Uruguayan epic made a lot more." That hour I decided to write a book about the asceticism - said Stankovic.

It is in this realization about American football one of the key role played Gerald Butler. The film is the true story of American soccer team in 1950, which, despite all predictions, defeated favored England in Belo Horizonte. The U.S. team has collected on the speed part of the team consisted of guys from a small town near St. Louis, and another from Fall River in Massachusetts. It is interesting that the two teams trained together before the match, and that in a friendly match score was 9:1 for the English. Butler recalled an anecdote from the filming of the movie, and their hosts promised that if his duties to be allowed again to visit and support this great film and sports project which is similar to the movie "The Game of Their Lives". Specifically, the film presents a history of a country like the USA, and is now on the big screen will be perpetuated significant success of the domestic sport and the history of our country through the story, "Montevideo, God, and video.
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PostSubject: Re: Butler, the mighty "Montevideo"   Thu May 06, 2010 1:01 am

Take in a little sport, a romance, a little history...
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PostSubject: Re: Butler, the mighty "Montevideo"   Thu May 06, 2010 4:18 am

I assume Scotch Seltika is Celtics Football team.

You know this is quite a nice little story. It's good to see him taking in some harmless local treats.
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PostSubject: Re: Butler, the mighty "Montevideo"   

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Butler, the mighty "Montevideo"
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