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 Very intersting article with a little new tidbits (relationships with costars) - Gerard Butler:‘Jen and I got on like a house on fire’

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PostSubject: Very intersting article with a little new tidbits (relationships with costars) - Gerard Butler:‘Jen and I got on like a house on fire’   Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:28 pm

Gerard Butler:‘Jen and I got on like a house on fire’

By Ruben V. Nepales
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 21:15:00 03/26/2010

Filed Under: Celebrities, Entertainment (general)

LOS ANGELES—“OH, OK, it’s not the one with the two of us having sex in the bushes, no?” Gerard Butler joked when told that he and Jennifer Aniston looked like they were having fun in a photo recently published in a Hollywood trade magazine.

“I was worried for a moment,” said the actor, whose Scottish sense of humor ensures that there’s not a dull second with him when he’s giving interviews. “What is it? Oh, from the premiere?” he confirmed. Gerard was not joking though when he said of meeting Jennifer, his “The Bounty Hunter” costar and rumored girlfriend, “Jen and I got on like a house on fire.”

Before someone calls the tabloids, Gerard said in the same breath, “We have a lot of fun together. I’m not sure what the photo is, but I think it’s funny to spend almost a year and a half saying there’s nothing going on. People don’t realize that, if there was something going on, I’m sure both of us would be very happy to proclaim, ‘Yeah, there’s something going on.’ But, there’s not, so we say, ‘No.’ People continue to speculate, but you know what? It’s fun—and it has become a joke. We laugh about it.”

Voice talent

Was Jennifer as much fun to work with as Katherine Heigl (“The Ugly Truth”)? “I had a great time working with Katie,” answered the actor who is a voice talent in the animation film, “How to Train Your Dragon.” “Katie is the consummate professional. She’s hilarious, but I’d say that my time with Jen was really special. She and I clicked immediately. We have a very similar sense of humor. We’re both very down to earth—no pretense. One thing I love about Jen is that she appreciates everybody around her!”

“I was kind of adopted by her family,” Gerard volunteered. “She has people who work with her all the time. That speaks volumes about Jen, because she surrounds herself with fun, spiritual and wise people who don’t take themselves too seriously. I spent more time hanging out with them. Often, even when I’m working hard on movies, I like to escape to my own trailer. I like my private time. But, this was a very social movie. I couldn’t speak highly enough about her.”

Asked if he has ever fallen in love with a costar, Gerard cracked: “Jamie Foxx, I suppose.” The two costarred in “Law Abiding Citizen.” Laughing, he continued, “I don’t know if I’ve ever fallen in love with a costar, but I definitely developed obsessions and things that, at the time, could be associated with love. Early on in my career, there were times when I had relationships with costars—and both times, it was a disaster! It kind of burned out in the middle of making the movies, and we had the rest of those films to make. It’s uncomfortable—spending more than half your day working with somebody, where the relationship is very tender or, as you would say it, vulnerable.”

On-set romances

The former lawyer acknowledged why on-set romances happen: “There’s something about acting that, when you’re there, you’re giving up so much of your time, soul and effort, and you start to see more deeply into a person than you would if you were working in an office. Having worked in an office, I know that I discover much more about the people that I act with than I ever did about those I worked with. It’s weird. Maybe it’s because you’re often away on location.

“Or, maybe it’s because acting breeds the type of person that you have a lot in common with. Or, there’s something very passionate, exciting and sexual about creating a story, and when you see it start to happen, you get so excited and you can connect with that person you’re creating it with—then you want to f--k them. No (laughter). I can’t help myself.”

On fellow Scot, Susan Boyle, whom he beat in a poll to crown the 2009 “Scot of the Year,” Gerard shared, “She’s amazing! Even my mother said, ‘You’d better not beat that Susan Boyle. I love her! She’s fantastic, and her album is the best ever. I want you to tell her that!’”

Rugged style

Complimented for his rugged style, Gerard dished how that might read in an article: “While scratching his wild matted beard, he said…” The beard is well-groomed, though, he was assured. “No, it’s not,” he demurred. “Thanks, though. I’m actually growing this for two roles.” These are for Ralph Fiennes’ “Coriolanus” and “Machine Gun Preacher.”

“They do make a thing about my wildness or that macho side of things,” he agreed. “They do that a lot with British, Scottish and Australian actors. I definitely have that side of me, but I have a manicured, elegant side, as well, having trained as a lawyer. I was still freshly shaved and in a very nice suit every day. If I can say so myself, I brush up well. You stick me in a suit by Ferragamo, Gucci, Dior or Dolce & Gabbana, and I got to tell you, I go, ‘S**t, I wish I wore suits all the time.’ I love it! I actually love dressing up. There’s nothing sharper. Or to be in a very cool kilt or a dress kilt.”

The naughty side of Gerard took over again: “I laugh, but there’s nothing sexier—you feel so strong when you’re wearing a dress kilt. You feel like you’re ready to do so many things.” Like, be wild? “You’re ready to look sophisticated, but be wild under that, you know,” he quipped to laughter. “Under that pretense—under that.”

Gerard offered that “Coriolanus,” a movie adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, is the project he’s “very excited about.” He explained, “The first job I ever got as an actor was in the play, ‘Coriolanus.’ I’ve told this story many times that I begged (director) Steven Berkoff in a coffee shop in London to let me come in and audition. It was the first professional engagement I ever got. I was just a part of the ensemble, but to me, it was like winning the Oscar—so, when the opportunity came along, and I found out that Ralph Fiennes was interested in me…To me, one of the biggest compliments is when Ralph, an actor of unbelievable intelligence, stature and talent, says that he’s interested in you. Then, you go, ‘Well, I can’t be all that bad, after all.’

“I was excited by the idea—then, Ralph sent me the script, which is fantastic. I knew the play, but this movie adaptation was done by John Logan, who wrote ‘Gladiator’ and ‘The Aviator.’ He trimmed it down and made it unbelievably succinct, powerful and cinematic. It’s a great read, and I think it will be hugely accessible. Ralph has Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox—it’s a formidable cast, and that excites and scares the pants off me. I love to go into a job and go, ‘All right, do I really know what I’m doing here?’

“I’ve been talking to Ralph a lot,” Gerard said of the actor, who’s making his directorial debut and is playing the title role, as well. “He is one of the smartest people I’ve ever talked to—and one of the nicest and most appreciative. He also has a very deep association with ‘Coriolanus.’ It’s the play that he did almost 15 years ago on the West End. Ralph says it has haunted him since then, and he knew he had to turn it into a movie—so, it feels like there’s a nice serendipity about the whole thing!”
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Very intersting article with a little new tidbits (relationships with costars) - Gerard Butler:‘Jen and I got on like a house on fire’
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