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PostSubject: -Gerard worries about Scots accent   Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:59 pm

Gerard worries about Scots accent

Gerard Butler re-recorded his scenes for How To Train Your Dragon as he was worried he didn't sound Scottish enough.

Speaking at the animated film's LA premiere, Gerard said it was refreshing not to have to put on an accent for the movie.

"It was really nice to not have to be an American or some other thing, the funny thing is when I saw the film I actually thought that my accent wasn't strong enough, so I went back in and re-voiced most of it just to get more strength behind it and more colour and more personality."

The actor said he'd been shocked he hadn't had to tone his voice down for the American market.

"This is perhaps the biggest surprise I ever had in my career - that I would watch one of my movies and say 'my Scottish accent is not strong enough', it was a little embarrassing actually," he joked.
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