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 Blog: Dish Of Salt — Live Inside The 2010 Golden Globes!

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PostSubject: Blog: Dish Of Salt — Live Inside The 2010 Golden Globes!   Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:59 am

Blog: Dish Of Salt — Live Inside The 2010 Golden Globes!

By Laura Saltman

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --’s Laura “Dish Of Salt” Saltman is inside the 2010 Golden Globes catching all the action — especially the stuff the cameras didn’t see!…

8:15 PM — In the night’s most brilliant moment, as I’m walking out of the ballroom Gerard Butler is standing in front of me. I take some lint off his jacket and ask if it’s OK if I take some off of him. He says “You can take anything off of me you want.” This night is complete!

8:07 PM -- Wrapping it up inside the show. And the award for the cast with the worst ADD goes to… “Entourage”! The boys could not sit still all night. They were up and down every commercial break. Except for Executive Producer Mark Wahlberg who I only saw once.

8:01 PM -- The other Fergie, Sarah Ferguson, just walked by me.

7:51 PM –- OK, here’s an interesting pairing. Tobey Maguire laughing it up with Simon Baker!

7:35 PM -- Jeremy Piven sees me and says hi. I’m not sure if he thinks I’m a fan or if he remembers me from all the times I’ve interviewed him for “Entourage.” I’m thinking the former.

7:32 PM -- “Mad Men” TV married couple Jon Hamm and January Jones walk back to their seats together. She is carrying a beer. Very un-Betty Draper! Just behind them, real-life married couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick walk by. They stand and watch as Sandra Bullock is announced Best Actress.

7:17 PM -- So happy for “Glee’s” big win. I knew this show was special when I watched the pilot back in April. I’ve been promoting it ever since and I’m so happy everyone is finally taking notice of this little gem of a show.

7:14 PM -- Just got a nice big smile from “Entourage’s” Kevin Connolly as he ran by. If only it were Gerard Butler! (No offense, Kev)

6:52 PM -- BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox stand by the bar and chat with Julianna Margulies. Have you seen the slit on Aniston’s dress? Woah!! That’s a lot of leg.

6:50 PM -- I pretend that I need a drink at that bar just so I can stand right next to Gerard. He’s chatting with David Arquette and asks if he would like a coffee or tea. Too bad he didn’t ask me! I think he knows I’m stalking him.

6:43 PM -- Be right back. I gotta go stalk Gerard Butler.

6:37 PM -- Hey Jeremy Piven, you make a better door than a window. Could you not stand right in front of me blocking my view?

6:35 PM -- Kate Winslet breezes by. She must be presenting. I didn’t see her on the red carpet. Someone asks who her dress is by and she replies “Yves Saint Laurent.”

6:30 PM -- Julianna Margulies stands right next to me holding the Golden Globe trophy she just won. Kyra Sedgwick sneaks around behind her to get back to her seat.

6:17 PM -- Jon Hamm shares a mutual admiration moment with John Lithgow right in front of me. The two clearly have never met but are big fans of each other.

6:12 PM -- Someone stops Steve Carell for a picture. He obliges but by the look on his face as he walks away I’m not so sure he appreciates being asked in this environment. About 15 minutes later, someone else stops him for a photo right next to my seat. I guess he seems like the type of guy who is willing to take photos here!

6:06 PM — I head to the bathroom only to be standing behind Miss Julia Roberts. As a print reporter stops her for a quote, Julia’s ex fiance Kiefer Sutherland walks by. He stops and kisses her on the cheek and says “Hello. Nice to see you. Are you well?” She says yes and Kiefer heads off. A stage manager grabs Julia and brings her to a private bathroom to avoid the line. I learn she is presenting the final award tonight. And by the way, she has on the most fabulous shoes ever!!!

6:03 PM -- I just noticed that Joseph Gordon Levitt’s table is right by mine. People are constantly coming up and congratulating him on “(500) Days Of Summer.”

5:57 PM -- Just as they are showing a clip from nominated film “Julie and Julia,” Amy Adams heads back to her seat but then changes her mind and goes outside missing her co-star Meryl Streep winning for Best Actress.

5:50 PM — Commercial break again and I run to the bar to get a glass of wine (hope that’s okay, bosses?). I’m standing next to Simon Baker from “The Mentalist” and thinking how cute he is when I overhear someone say to someone else as he walks away from the bar “Hang on, I’ve got to give this to Mickey and his Russian…thing” — obviously referring to Mickey Rourke who I just spotted on the smoking deck talking to a print reporter. (So worth getting the wine!) As I walk away laughing to myself, I run into “Glee’s” Jane Lynch. We chatted yesterday about her dress and I tell her it was a great choice and I’m excited for her tonight.

5:35 PM — Next commercial break and Drew Barrymore runs by holding the hand of her on-again boyfriend Justin Long. My faux TV fiance Zach Levi and I chat about how cool it is to be in this room. He feels honored to be invited to the party. So do I! He’s presenting Best TV Drama he tells me.

5:33 PM -- I spot my favorite TV cutie Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory.” He tells me he missed the red carpet because his limo driver was having trouble getting here. By the time they arrived, they needed to rush him backstage to present.

5:30 PM -- Kiefer Sutherland comes strolling by. At first I think he is walking with a cane but it turns out to be an umbrella!

5:18 PM — Next commercial break and I spot Jeremy Piven at the bar. He fixes Ben Silverman’s lapel. As the show comes back on, I sit back down and Colin Farrell is standing next to me waiting for a break to get to his seat. He’s so close he’s almost sitting in my lap which of course I would not mind at all!

5:15 PM — As John Lithgow is accepting his award, Michael C Hall and his wife Jennifer Carpenter walk to their seats. He’s wearing a cap to cover his head. Jennifer had some supportive and sweet comments about his cancer battle to me yesterday. (CLICK HERE to view Laura’s interview with Jennifer)

5:08 PM -- First commercial break and it’s a hotbed of celebrity action. Jeremy Irons walks by me followed by Tobey Maguire. Jon Hamm and Will Arnett head out to the smoking area together. George Clooney’s girlfriend asks our producer Adam where the smoking lounge is as she leaves the women’s lounge. Commercial over and Tobey waits right next to me as he decides if it’s appropriate to head back to his seat.

4:54 PM -- Just arrived to the ballroom. The first celeb I spot is Jennifer Garner. As I walk to the bathroom, I’m right behind Mickey Rourke and his girlfriend who has the longest legs I have ever seen! All the ladies in the bathroom are attempting to fix all the damage the rain did.
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Blog: Dish Of Salt — Live Inside The 2010 Golden Globes!
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