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 Gerry Talks 300 prequel

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PostSubject: Gerry Talks 300 prequel   Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:34 am

Short video here:

Gerard Butler Talks 300 Sequel

King Leonidas himself spoke to MTV about the proposed sequel to the CBM blockbuster 300!
We have heard the rumors for a while now, and as illogical and downright silly a direct sequel sounds, director Zack Snyder has said that if Frank Miller comes up with something solid, he would be game to make the movie.

MTV heard from another big gun involved with 300 , Gerard Butler, who played the very dead at the end King Leonidas..

“I had an incredible time doing the first one, and I think that if the first one was a stand-alone, as a one-off, there’s no bad thing in that,” explained Gerard Butler when MTV up with him recently. “But, you know, let’s see what it might bring forward with a second one.”

Butler also said that he hasn't heard anything official, and its only fans and journalists that seem to keep him in the loop!

“I don’t know how real it is,” he said.
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Gerry Talks 300 prequel
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